Bubbly Spark

A promise of midnight. A bubbly spark by night. Where the dreams disappeared And swam out of sight. Far from the feelings. Far from the dreams. Far from the hope Like we’ve never seen. Somewhere far away Where the love promised to stay. Whatever happens, darling. I promise I’ll always love you anyway. Weaver of… Continue Reading

Dive in (Tides Will Tell)

Surface love Because it’s worth this love. No need to find a perfect love. Wake up the wonder Take the feelings under. Let’s dive in.   Dive in. Teal hearts. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart. Broken shells Tides will tell. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart.… Continue Reading

Pink and Blue Starfish

Purple, pink and blue starfish. Darling, I think you are my wish. All I’ll ever need is this. Love deeper than the sea.   Purple, pink and blue starfish. Darling, I think you are my wish. Seal destiny with one more kiss. Back to you and me.   Purple, pink and blue starfish. Love me… Continue Reading

Bebe Rexha – Expectations album review

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Pop meets country meets dance? Bebe Rexha’s debut album exceeds Expectations. I’ve been a fan of hers since listening to “In the Name of Love” – gorgeous melody and lyrics. Vulnerability. Confidence. Creativity. Love. Life. Guitar is prominent on the album. So here’s a track-by-track review: (1.) Ferrari Beautiful, raw opening track. The… Continue Reading

Camila Album Review

She had success as part of a five-member all-girl pop band, known for singing hits like Sledgehammer and Worth It. When she left the group, Fifth Harmony, and started co-writing and singing solo songs, she achieved success. People around the world are in love with her hit Havana, one of her latest solo songs. Singer-songwriter… Continue Reading

Waves – Rachel Platten album review

She brought us Fight Song and Better Place. Now Rachel Platten is making waves with her new LP. I’ve been a fan since Fight Song. Loved her Wildfire album and Fight Song EP. She writes beautiful anthems. She’s a healer. Her latest album, Waves, features catchy melodies, rhythmic bass lines and inspirational lyrics. So here’s… Continue Reading

Younger Now – Miley Cyrus album review

Younger Now. A paradox? Maybe? Creativity? Absolutely. Miley Cyrus showcases creativity from a thousand different angles in her latest album. Here’s a track by track review of Younger Now. (1.) Younger Now The opening and title track, Younger Now portrays introspective lyrics through an upbeat number. The verses narrate the story of the song beautifully,… Continue Reading

Lights – Skin and Earth album review

I’ve always loved her light electronic pop sound. Loved her album The Listening. Breezy, beautiful bops. Her hit Second Go is such a fun jam. Catchy, cool and cute. Have you listened to singer-songwriter Lights lately? The Canadian pop musician is back with new music. Lights’ rhythms and instrumentation make her a easy and fun… Continue Reading

Rainbow: Album review

There’s something beautiful about a rainbow. Hope. The end of the storm. The promise of something new. And that can mean the promise of something new with respect to creativity – including creativity in music. I’m a huge supporter of women and girls in music. Singers, songwriters, composers, lyricists, producers. Including the beautiful and creative… Continue Reading