High Seas

Sail the high seas? Darling, yes, please. Sunshine, and waves Are all we’ll ever need. So anchor my heart down. Go where we’ve found Dreams beyond deep blue. Because I’ll always have you. Sparkling things. Seagull wings. Let’s go upon the shore. Sunlit splash. Waves and wind crash. Where no mermaid Has gone before. So… Continue Reading

Meet Me at the Beach

Meet me at the beach. Where the wild waves roam. Where we can dive in. And become one with the foam. Bare feet and fins. Surreal love begins. Where underwater and on earth Has love like this been? Meet me at the beach. Where the wild waves roam. Where saltwater tastes sweet In the glimmer… Continue Reading

Ocean Heart

Tangled in seaweed. Love is all we need. So why didn’t we heed Love’s warning? Wash out Swash out Moonlit sparks. Rip my ocean heart apart Heartbeats and stars Wipe out the dark. Rip my ocean heart apart. Just another fish in the sea. Just another wish we could be. So why didn’t we see… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Slow Dance

Moonbeams on the waves. Shine like a crystal dream. Bursting into my heart. Love isn’t always what it seems. So swallow fear. Love brought you here. Dive into crystal clear. Into an ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow dance. How do you know love Will stand a chance? An ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow… Continue Reading

Crystal Chills

I want the cool rush. I want you to miss me too much. Crash and splash Like it’s never enough. I want the crashing waves Tidal turns Crystal chills. Heartbeat burns. Tidal turns Crystal chills If you go I’ll miss your thrills. Pull me back under. Scales and songs. Crystallize my moonlit eyes. All I… Continue Reading

Truth Turns to Tide

Footprints and feelings. Sunshine and sand. Got my moonlit spell wish. But I don’t understand. Why the tide pulls me back. The waves call me home. Bubbles and scales Lure me back to the foam. Surrender to bubbles Songs, scales and spells. Thought love trumped the magic Now I can’t tell. Dreams sink into foam.… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Explosion

Whirlpool explosion. Let the waves rule emotions. Pound back another wondrous love potion. Dive into devotion. Do you know where we’re going? Guess there’s no knowing. So let’s get sucked in To a whirlpool explosion. If you’re counting on time, Time to turn the beat back. We’ve got scales, tails and fails. And I-love-yous, repeat… Continue Reading


This be the dream Tell me what this means. Because, darling, shiny things Aren’t always what they seem. Moonlit wishes. Sunlit kisses. Tell me if you know what this is. Broken sea glass. Broken me past The fading moon. Send me something sacred, Send me something soon. This be the dream Tell me what this… Continue Reading

Bebe Rexha – Expectations album review

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Pop meets country meets dance? Bebe Rexha’s debut album exceeds Expectations. I’ve been a fan of hers since listening to “In the Name of Love” – gorgeous melody and lyrics. Vulnerability. Confidence. Creativity. Love. Life. Guitar is prominent on the album. So here’s a track-by-track review: (1.) Ferrari Beautiful, raw opening track. The… Continue Reading

5 ways anime inspires creativity

Creatives – ever watch anime for inspiration? Not that I have much time to watch anime. I’m a fan of mermaids and shiny things. So anime that’s focused on a crystal – or anime focused around mermaids, I’m all for. I’ve watched Mermaid Melody in recent months – beautiful music, by the way. So here’s… Continue Reading