Whitecap Wish

Whitecap wish. Silver skies. If this is an omen. Let’s defy the tide. And we’ll show them. We’ll say we tried. Let’s make a whitecap wish. Bubble over the truth. Trouble goes where the truth Seeks to steal the sacred proof Of forever’s forgotten future. What are we doing here? Let the truth be crystal… Continue Reading

Aqua Rush

Aqua rush. Salty burns. Feel your moonlit crush. Take your turn. Aqua rush. Heartache burns. Feel the twilight crush. It’s your turn. Aqua rush. Heartache burns. Feel the daybreak crush. It’s your turn. Let heartache burn. Let heartbreak turn. Feel the aqua rush. It’s your turn.

Gem of the Moon

Gem of the moon. Send your love soon. Glitter and gleam. Dream beyond the doom. Breathe into the ocean sky. Pray for wings so we can fly Beyond the waves. Don’t ask why. Just send me your love soon. Pearl of the sand. Please understand. Glow. Don’t you know Love’s got more planned? Breathe into… Continue Reading

Sunlight and Seaweed

Bubbles beat. Feelings repeat. Waves wish I were Trading fins for feet. Sunlight and seaweed. We’re all we need. Let heartbeats flow Until feelings are freed. So twinkle the twilight. Sprinkle the song. Let’s go back up To the sand where we belong. Nothing in this sea Could keep you from me. Let the feelings… Continue Reading

Dive Into Love

Wish you were here. Our chance is crystal clear. Splash away your fear. Dive into love. But you wish I was there. In the land of sand, sun and air. And say if I care, I’ll rise up into love. Darling, I’m still here. Last chance is crystal clear. Splash away your fear. Dive into… Continue Reading

Bubbly Spark

A promise of midnight. A bubbly spark by night. Where the dreams disappeared And swam out of sight. Far from the feelings. Far from the dreams. Far from the hope Like we’ve never seen. Somewhere far away Where the love promised to stay. Whatever happens, darling. I promise I’ll always love you anyway. Weaver of… Continue Reading


Starfish in sand. Coral in chrome. Let the moonlight Sing the song. And take us back home. Sapphire stars. Cerulean swirls Of rippling truths Of crystals and pearls. Splish-splashing promises Glow aquamarine. At least we’ve got proof That there’s glory unseen. Come take my hand. Dive into the foam. Come and sing along. Swim with… Continue Reading