Waves of Surrender

Let your body fall Into rhythms of chills. Can you sink into the beats? Shiver from the thrills? Let your mind breathe In a rush of release. Is the feeling too much? Will the tension ever cease? Let your heart melt Into drops of blue. Did you forget how it felt When our wish came… Continue Reading

Splash Into the Blue

Wishes flow Promises keep Heartaches go Where dreams dive deep. Freedom. Only a splash away. Dive in, Darling, it’s time to play. Splash into the blue. Dive into bubbles. Forget all about Your earthly troubles. Whatever we dare Whatever we lose Love’s the only promise We get to choose. Freedom. Only a splash away. Dive… Continue Reading

Crystal Ice

Falling like snowflakes. Falling like stars. All in or no win. Heartaches dare get ocean scars. Crystal wave crush Hearts don’t mean much When you like your love cold. Icy blue wave roll rush. Crystal wave horizon Dare to take a dive in? Let ocean love come alive. Time to let love begin. Crystal wave… Continue Reading

Breath of Fresh Air

Icy rush. A breath of fresh air. Beyond the sea. You’ll find me there. Dive up Into destiny dreams. Rise up. Sing the soaring screams. Sing the icy rush. A breath of fresh air. Beyond the sea. You’ll find me there. Time’s up. Tell your truth crystal clear. Time’s up. Love’s got nothing left to… Continue Reading

Tidal Tale

Floating like We’re not even there Salty scales And seaweed hair. Tell me you’ll always Be swimming there. Once upon a tidal tale. Open flow Where wonders go. Tell me something I should know. Like love doesn’t care Where we go. Once upon a tidal tale. Tell me this love is from another world. Tell… Continue Reading

Icy Embers

Chilling truth Icy embers. Don’t forget Love remembers. Waves of truth. Ripples of dreams. Splash of heartache. Wash away all we’ve seen. Chilling proof Icy ember Don’t forget Love will remember. Waves of truth. Burning hearts chill Heartaches will Take a breath. Don’t forget. Chilling truth Icy embers. Don’t forget Love remembers. Come up for… Continue Reading

Crystal Wish

Snowy starfish. Do I make a near or far wish? Don’t care where we are. Because wonder is a wish. Sparkle here, crystal clear. Sparkle on a crystal wish Midnight snowflakes. Kiss a fish. Let’s go find Love like this. Let’s go make a crystal wish. Wind whispers Won’t we weep? Let the magic Begin… Continue Reading