Sea meets sand. Fins meet feet. Love’s wild plans Make magic meet. Fishtail feelings. Scales and shells. Tell me you love mermaids. I promise I won’t tell. And then you’ll know me all too well. Fishtail feelings. Scales and shells. Foamy waves. Salty kiss. Sunlit dreams Are made of this. Fishtail feelings. Scales and shells.… Continue Reading

Out of My Shell

You got me out of my shell. You know me too well. High tidal wave? Sorry, I can’t tell. Bubbles and bliss. I won’t forget this. Seal the crazy cool with a kiss. ‘Cause you got me out of my shell. You know me too well. High tidal wave? Sorry, I can’t tell. Sandy sunsets.… Continue Reading

Silver Heart

Silver heartbeats, another love. Will there be another love? Tell me what you’re dreaming of. Will this ever be enough? Pour my silver heart into the sea. Before my heart breaks away from me. Forgotten feelings flowing free. All we are is all we’ll be. When the night is crystal clear. I wonder what you’re… Continue Reading

Gem of the Moon

Gem of the moon. Send your love soon. Glitter and gleam. Dream beyond the doom. Breathe into the ocean sky. Pray for wings so we can fly Beyond the waves. Don’t ask why. Just send me your love soon. Pearl of the sand. Please understand. Glow. Don’t you know Love’s got more planned? Breathe into… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Roar

High tide at night. Tell me I’m right. Nothing left to see. Love drowns you and me. In a whirlpool roar. Have I seen you before? Spin again, begin again. Love’s gotta be something more. Hear the madness soar Over the whirlpool roar. Like nothing love’s Ever heard before. Out of mind. Out of sight.… Continue Reading

Crystal Bubbles

Royal blue. Loyal blue. Forever Feels Like me and you. Blow crystal bubbles. Love’s worth all our troubles. Swimming, spinning, My heart’s beating doubles. Blow crystal bubbles. Love’s worth all our troubles. Swim back to the beginning. My heart’s beating doubles. Fear grew clear. Why are you still here? Go before crystal bubbles Disappear. Blow… Continue Reading

Sunlight and Seaweed

Bubbles beat. Feelings repeat. Waves wish I were Trading fins for feet. Sunlight and seaweed. We’re all we need. Let heartbeats flow Until feelings are freed. So twinkle the twilight. Sprinkle the song. Let’s go back up To the sand where we belong. Nothing in this sea Could keep you from me. Let the feelings… Continue Reading