Lights – Skin and Earth album review

IMG_9045I’ve always loved her light electronic pop sound. Loved her album The Listening. Breezy, beautiful bops.

Her hit Second Go is such a fun jam. Catchy, cool and cute.

Have you listened to singer-songwriter Lights lately?

The Canadian pop musician is back with new music.

Lights’ rhythms and instrumentation make her a easy and fun to listen to.

Skin and Earth, Lights’ newest album, dropped September 22.

Gave it a listen.




Skin and Earth is as sensual and real as its name implies.

The instrumentation is heavier than that used on The Listening.

Some tracks hooked me right away.

Skydiving is beautiful high-energy anthem. The first verse features a beautiful use of narrative. So concrete.

It all starts here
With a rush of blood to the head
And I feel no fear
And nothing’s happening yet
You pull me in
I’m doing things I never would do
My pulse racing
I’m coming alive with you

Free fall with me
Get a little unruly
No guts no glory
You said to me
“Get a little unruly
No guts no glory”

You got me
You got me
High flying
Oh, I’m jumping off of the world now
I’ll never stop, never slow down

Lights uses word painting. As she sings the words “I’m going down”, the melody descends.

Until the Light is a fun, mid-tempo jam. The melody is based on a pentatonic-scale. The verse uses sparse instrumentation. The chorus brings it full-force. Bass, synth and beats.

Savage is heavy on the guitars. Rock jam. Strong, sustained bass lines that almost drown the vocals out at times, like during the chorus, and it also serves as a beautiful contrast between bass line and voice.

Giants is a beautiful number. Reminds me of Lights’ song Lions on her album The Listening. Lighter instrumentation. A bit dance-like. Kind of, sort of.

And Fight Club? So much bounce to it for a title that implies a song that could use heavy bass! 😁  🎸

She contrasts her high-energy anthems with slower, more introspective moments. Almost Had Me, the final track on the album, so has me. Slow-mo with a twist? I think so! Starting out as a seemingly slow ballad, the beat kicks up. The chorus features full instrumentation-bass and drums.

You were my halogen, guiding me home
My only weapon
When I was alone you were a big city
When I got lost in
And when you spoke with me
I fell open
I fell open
But did you know that cost when you broke your promise
(I wasn’t prepared)
That when you bombs went off they would come down on us
I was a knife in the gunfight
And I fought so madly
You were a wolf in the daylight
And you almost had me
And you almost had me

Lights tells the story of someone who caught someone before they got her. Strong song and strong track to end the album.


So if you’re looking for some refreshing jams, stream and celebrate this amazing woman in music.
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