Look at the Moon

Look at the moon – wait. Let hope heal hate. Hold on. Before the love is gone. Wash away. All you’ll never say. Dreams Pretend Love will never end. Wash away Love into today. Pretend Love will never end. Look at the moon – wait. Leave it up to fate. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m… Continue Reading

Can the Waves Wait?

Rise up to the waves Step into the sun If love’s a war We’ve already won. What do you know? What do you feel? If water flows Is earthly love real? Could it be true? Could it be fate? Do you love me? Can the waves wait? Sunsets and tides. Seashells and sand. You’ve lured… Continue Reading

Ocean Heart

Tangled in seaweed. Love is all we need. So why didn’t we heed Love’s warning? Wash out Swash out Moonlit sparks. Rip my ocean heart apart Heartbeats and stars Wipe out the dark. Rip my ocean heart apart. Just another fish in the sea. Just another wish we could be. So why didn’t we see… Continue Reading

Tide of Dreams

All we know is moonlight glow Shimmering a thousand leagues below. The glimmering waves Say the song will save Truth from ruin. Tell us soon. Bubbles blow beauty back to bliss. Tell me you knew we’d end up like this. Spread your wishes across a tide of dreams. Sparkling kisses wash away all hope, it… Continue Reading

Wake Me Up

Wake me up When the moonlight splashes Take me up When the last wave crashes Break me up We’ll always have this. Beauty beholds What wonders unfold Glory glows glitter Tell us truths untold. Wake me up When the moonlight splashes Take me up When the last wave crashes Break me up We’ll always have… Continue Reading

Songs from the Storm

Raindrops race Heartbeats chase Give me one more chance To kiss your face. Let love stall. Let rain fall. I don’t feel The pain at all. Summon songs from the storm Is love wrong if our hearts are torn? Love is never going to warn me. Let the moment come and be reborn. Summon songs… Continue Reading

Million Salty Tears

Crystal tears. Freeze my fears. Scales shimmer songs Lost in all those years. Scales sing of truth. Darling, we’re living proof. Never thought we’d end up here. Not in a million salty tears. Clear as a crystal ball, we’re here. And so the feelings flow. Let love go. What could be We’ll never know. Crystallize… Continue Reading