Waves – Rachel Platten album review

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.23.06 PMShe brought us Fight Song and Better Place.
Now Rachel Platten is making waves with her new LP.
I’ve been a fan since Fight Song.
Loved her Wildfire album and Fight Song EP.
She writes beautiful anthems.
She’s a healer.
Her latest album, Waves, features catchy melodies, rhythmic bass lines and inspirational lyrics.
So here’s a track-by-track review of Waves:
1.) Perfect For You
Sustained chords open the song.
Light drums come in.
Urban vibe meets dreamy soundscape.
2.) Whole Heart
A solo instrument opens the song, creating an intimate feeling. Rachel sings fast.
Backed with light drums, the song feels like a duet between Rachel and the instrumentation, with full-blown instrumentation in the chorus.
3.) Collide
Piano chords vamp under Rachel’s singing, building tension. The chords continue to vamp, the strings in the chorus amplifying the tension. Repetition of the word collide is a unique songwriting take on a chorus. Repeating one word instead of a full phrase.
4.) Keep Up
The verse instrumentation features more instrumentation then the chorus.
Love this reversal. This song isn’t the catchiest album, but its use of repetition in chorus lyrics makes it fun.
5.) Broken Glass
Love this feminist anthem. The pre-chorus has beautiful build up to the chorus and the chorus melody is catchy and an inspirational message for women and girls everywhere:
But I feel it changing
I can taste it, I’m on the wave and
I won’t waste it
I have been patient
But I’m not waiting anymore
Not anymore, no
I’m gonna dance on broken glass, on broken glass
And I’m gonna make that ceiling crash (uh)
That ceiling crash
So what? Still got knives in my back
So what? So I’m tied to the tracks
I’m gonna dance on broken glass
And here I go, here I go
Yeah here I go, here I go
(Ooh, ooh, ooh) and here I go, here I go
Best track on the album.
6.) Shivers
Bouncy jam with a fun electronic dance music beat.
7.) Loose Ends
Light instrumentation opens the song. Like a call and response-ish between Rachel and the instrumentation.
Beautiful melody, especially when the chorus drops.
8.) Labels
Labels are overrated. The chorus is all you need. Fun anthem.
9.) Loveback
Urban beats featuring repetition of the title in the chorus. Feels R&B-ish. This mid-tempo jam is catchy.
10.) Hands
Tender melody. Musical theatre-ballad-esque slow jam.
The pre-chorus and chorus are my favourite parts:
There was no falling down without you ’round to pick me up
And no tears that fell without your help to change my luck
And you taught me so much, I could not learn fast enough
About how to love someone wholeheartedly

You soldiered storms that you never spoke of
Built up a world that was all about us
If I close my eyes, I can still feel your touch
The warm, steady shake of two hands
That love me too much, that love me too much

11.) Fooling You
Steady chords establish a mid-tempo ballad.
Rachel sings slow and steady.
Instrumentation features higher registers in contrast to Rachel singing lower. Gorgeous effect.
And the chorus is beautiful release from the verse’s tension build-up.
12.) Good Life
Rachel sings fast.
It’s not as easy to sing along to the verse in this track with the fast vocals and beats.
The chorus vocal line slows down a bit more. Rising bass lines create an anthem-feel to this number.
13.) Grace
The album ends with a slow ballad. Chord progressions are slow and deliberate. Gives you the chills.
Upbeat inspiration meets unexpected sounds?
I think so.
So for some inspiring pop anthems, stream Waves.
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