Camila Album Review

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She had success as part of a five-member all-girl pop band, known for singing hits like Sledgehammer and Worth It.
When she left the group, Fifth Harmony, and started co-writing and singing solo songs, she achieved success.
People around the world are in love with her hit Havana, one of her latest solo songs.
Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello continues to entertain listeners with her debut self-titled album.
This is Camila – an album review:

(1.) Never Be The Same
Drugs as a metaphor for love. Concrete lyrical imagery. Soaring chorus melody and vocals.

(2.) All These Years

Playful acoustic beat. Beach meets pop. Rhythmic chord progression in the bass line is the heartbeat of this jam.

(3.) She Loves Control
Playful beat. Lyrics tell the story of a woman who loves control. This third-person narrative style is refreshing. Not many pop songwriters seem to use this approach.

Kick drum beat. B minor. Latin pop fusion. Brass instruments. 🎺

(4.) Havana
Havana has spent a number of weeks at the top of the charts. Playful, catchy and sexy. this song lyrics feel like they tell the story of a persona. A situation. I wrote a more in-depth post about Havana when it was released as a single.

(5.) Inside Out
Playful. Simple bass line chord progression drives this number.
Tight harmonies.

(6.) Consequences 
Ballad. C Major.
Bass line drops and gives you the chills.

(7.) Real Friends 
Sweet. Bouncy. Playful happy vibes.

(8.) Something’s Gotta Give
Sentimental ballad. Mid-tempo. The melody doesn’t span a wide range during the first verse and chorus. The melody reaches a higher pitch in the bridge. Sexy.

(9.) In The Dark
Steady beat. A darker number on the album, although, the overall sound across the album, this song included, doesn’t feel dark. The instrumentation, heavy drum sounds included, sounds upbeat and happy.

(10.) Into It
Fun, flirty. Because sometimes, you just gotta have a good time.

(11.) Never Be The Same Radio Remix

An edgier version of the first track on the album.
The final note leaves me craving more Camila. Brilliant marketing decision to have 11 tracks.
In honouring her Cuban roots, Camila Cabello offers us fun, refreshing pop.
Creative inspiration.
Stream Camila. I promise she’s worth it.


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