Fate for Feelings

Dream beyond These endless days. Hope seems gone. But still I say. We’re all we’ve got Until the sacred song slays Dreams beyond Fate for feelings. Cold as the wind. Wild as the sea. Before the ocean’s Melody sets us all free. Let’s go back to love. Back to all the earth will see. Fathom… Continue Reading


Cut through my heart Bought a cheap promise Seashell love Like we tell love. Slashing swordfish Splashing swordfish. Slash my heart. Love’s bloody reward. Feeling the bubbles. Slice through my scales. Fighting the feelings. Twisting the tails. Slashing swordfish Splashing swordfish. Slash my heart. Love’s bloody reward. Swordfish Bored fish. Splashing around My last little… Continue Reading

Can the Waves Wait?

Rise up to the waves Step into the sun If love’s a war We’ve already won. What do you know? What do you feel? If water flows Is earthly love real? Could it be true? Could it be fate? Do you love me? Can the waves wait? Sunsets and tides. Seashells and sand. You’ve lured… Continue Reading

Dive in (Tides Will Tell)

Surface love Because it’s worth this love. No need to find a perfect love. Wake up the wonder Take the feelings under. Let’s dive in.   Dive in. Teal hearts. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart. Broken shells Tides will tell. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart.… Continue Reading

Out of Sight

Crystal chills Shimmering thrills. Mermaids Green around the gills. Go for gory glory In our war of wills. Before the glory falls. Moonlight shimmers out of sight. Ripples vanish in the night. Someone tell me love was right. Now love’s going out of sight. Sunset sinking On the beach. Melodies fading Just beyond your reach.… Continue Reading


Like sea glass smashed In a thousand shatters You threw back my heart And said love never matters. I need to swallow. Breathe bubbles. Follow Truth’s troubles. Chain my heart down Before I drown. Let feelings Sing into the sound. Chain my heart down Before I drown. You conceal secrets You reveal secrets Love’s a… Continue Reading


This be the dream Tell me what this means. Because, darling, shiny things Aren’t always what they seem. Moonlit wishes. Sunlit kisses. Tell me if you know what this is. Broken sea glass. Broken me past The fading moon. Send me something sacred, Send me something soon. This be the dream Tell me what this… Continue Reading


  Lure me to crazy. Lure me to maybe. Lure me wonderful Lure me to wavy. Lure me in Until you’re in too deep to save me. Lure me deep into the unknown. Say you’ll keep your promises Sinking like a stone. Say you know how wrong this is. But love will lure us home.… Continue Reading

Julia Michaels – Nervous System

She’s given us Issues. She’s given us Uh Huh. Now that singer songwriter Julia Michaels has released her mini-album Nervous System, she gives us another reason to fall in love with her songwriting. Refreshing. Creative. In a league all on her own. The seven-track mini-album contains upbeat anthems, slow dreamy ballads and heartfelt lyrics. There’s… Continue Reading