Ripple Me Blue

Ripple into realms of blue. Hearts, seas, and skies. Love’s been there, too. Let the tides turn ‘Till they’re through. Then dive in. Ripple me blue. Sound soars into a symphony. Rage roars. Who knows what this will be? Let’s adore all you are to me. Dive in and ripple me blue. Ripple into realms… Continue Reading

Rip Tide

Infuse your soul And lose control. Fall apart. Let the waves Make you whole. Rip tide rules The fishgirl fools. Fins for feelings. Wish whirlpools. Let your fear Disappear. Sink or swim. Darling, I’m right here. Rip tide rules The fishgirl fools. Fins for feelings. Wish whirlpools. Spin around Soar into sound. Sing into silence.… Continue Reading

High Seas

Sail the high seas? Darling, yes, please. Sunshine, and waves Are all we’ll ever need. So anchor my heart down. Go where we’ve found Dreams beyond deep blue. Because I’ll always have you. Sparkling things. Seagull wings. Let’s go upon the shore. Sunlit splash. Waves and wind crash. Where no mermaid Has gone before. So… Continue Reading

Gem of the Moon

Gem of the moon. Send your love soon. Glitter and gleam. Dream beyond the doom. Breathe into the ocean sky. Pray for wings so we can fly Beyond the waves. Don’t ask why. Just send me your love soon. Pearl of the sand. Please understand. Glow. Don’t you know Love’s got more planned? Breathe into… Continue Reading

Sunlight and Seaweed

Bubbles beat. Feelings repeat. Waves wish I were Trading fins for feet. Sunlight and seaweed. We’re all we need. Let heartbeats flow Until feelings are freed. So twinkle the twilight. Sprinkle the song. Let’s go back up To the sand where we belong. Nothing in this sea Could keep you from me. Let the feelings… Continue Reading

Bubbly Spark

A promise of midnight. A bubbly spark by night. Where the dreams disappeared And swam out of sight. Far from the feelings. Far from the dreams. Far from the hope Like we’ve never seen. Somewhere far away Where the love promised to stay. Whatever happens, darling. I promise I’ll always love you anyway. Weaver of… Continue Reading

Look at the Moon

Look at the moon – wait. Let hope heal hate. Hold on. Before the love is gone. Wash away. All you’ll never say. Dreams Pretend Love will never end. Wash away Love into today. Pretend Love will never end. Look at the moon – wait. Leave it up to fate. Maybe I’m right. Maybe I’m… Continue Reading


Bubbles burst. My heart is cursed. Tell me that You love me first. Bubbles burst. My heart is cursed You’ve got me now I guess it could be worse. Melt into my scales. Truth be told. About wandering tails. Beyond wonders so old. Bubbles burst. My heart is cursed. Tell me that You love me… Continue Reading

Sea of Regrets

Let’s fall into the depths. Sink into the foam. Loe with no regrets. Love like we’ve never known. Forget the sea of regrets. Love isn’t done yet. Cold tears last A thousand years. Whatever wonder Has disappeared. The sacred truth is crystal clear. Let’s rise into the air. Soar into the sun. Love like we… Continue Reading

Ocean Heart

Tangled in seaweed. Love is all we need. So why didn’t we heed Love’s warning? Wash out Swash out Moonlit sparks. Rip my ocean heart apart Heartbeats and stars Wipe out the dark. Rip my ocean heart apart. Just another fish in the sea. Just another wish we could be. So why didn’t we see… Continue Reading