Kiss My Thrills

Chills, Kiss my thrills. Hearts, Beat on repeat. Time, Stops Moving. Feels Like losing Me in you. Completely. Sweetly. Time, Stops Moving. Hearts, Beat on repeat. Chills, Kiss my thrills.

Breathe Love

Breathe into The universe. Call it a blessing Or call it a curse. Could always be better. Could always be worse. Breathe love For all feelings. Heartbreaks for hate. Why can’t we wait? Bring back the love. We can’t get enough. Could always be better Could always be worse Believe in love. For all feelings.… Continue Reading

Stars Spark

Stars Spark The lonely night. The ocean whispers. Hold me tight. Our hearts were wrong. But love was right. Feel the glow of love. Stars Spark Salty tears. The full moon whispers. “Never fear. All you’ll ever need Is right here.” Feel the glow of love. Stars Spark A new dawn. Sunshine smiles. Love lives… Continue Reading

Echo (Ocean Crush)

Let go. Of the echo. Tell me ocean secrets you don’t know. Let’s go Go feel the echo. Tell me everything you think you know. Let go. Echo. Whisper blue rush. Kiss for an ocean crush. Let go. Echo. Feeling free. Like the ocean flows.

Splash Into Gold

Silver blue chrome. Let wandering hearts roam. Feel like one with the foam. Salty blue feels like home. Silver splash into gold. Sea and splendour, behold. The future’s ours, I’m told. Glory never gets old. Crystal rainbow light. Rush a silver storm. All we’ve ever forsworn. Rage and be reborn. Silver splash into gold. Sea… Continue Reading

Moon Splash

Tell me a tail Of shiny scales. A sandy beach. A midnight sail. Full moon splash Onto the sea. Lure me to you. Set love free. Kiss me good-bye. Let’s show love we’ll try. When the sea meets the sky. You’ll see heartbeats fly. Full moon splash Onto the sea. Lure me to you. Set… Continue Reading

Splash and Burn

Why don’t we start With sparkling stars And an open heart? Let your feelings flow far. Let your moonlight wish Sparkle your soul. Let the ocean music Make your broken heart whole. Let the wind whisper secrets. Let the night sing her song. Let wonder wish upon All we thought love was wrong. Let your… Continue Reading

Misty Foam

Far beyond the misty foam. Let the wild waves take you home. Let your heart go where it roams. You’ll never swim the seas alone. Rainbow waves crystallize. Let love form before your eyes. Colours burn golden skies. Kiss me before the love dies. Far beyond the misty foam. Let the wild waves take you… Continue Reading

Ripple Me Blue

Ripple into realms of blue. Hearts, seas, and skies. Love’s been there, too. Let the tides turn ‘Till they’re through. Then dive in. Ripple me blue. Sound soars into a symphony. Rage roars. Who knows what this will be? Let’s adore all you are to me. Dive in and ripple me blue. Ripple into realms… Continue Reading