3 lessons from the 2018 Olympics

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Francois-Xavier Marit/AFP/Getty Images

Caught the Olympic hype this past Thursday.

Canada represent!

And I’ve been hooked since.
I love watching the Olympics. Especially winter.
Canada pride?

A bit. Love watching the figure skating and snowboarding. Art and technique.
There’s so many parallels that the Olympics can teach us about creativity.
So here’s my top three takeaways – three lessons – that creatives can gain from the Olympics.
(1.) Connect.
Big events, like writing and music, can help us share and communicate important messages.
Take the Olympic opening ceremony’s performance of Imagine.
Political message?

A universal message promoting love and peace.
Because the world needs love more than ever now.
Music is universal.
Sport and music help bring people together. A beautiful reminder.
(2.) Bring your passion.
Are you in love with creativity? Need writing or music more than anything? Do your art with passion. Sure, technique’s important. And there’s some sports, like figure skating and snowboarding, that offer some creative leeway for athletes to gain recognition for their creativity and artistry in their performances.
(3.) Daily diehard devotion.
Want results? If you want to be known as good at your art, you need to put in the time to learn and master your art. Find times and create a schedule that works for you.
If you’re in love with your art, you’ll always make time for it. Time to consume creativity and inspiration from the world around you. Time to plan your own art. Time to create your art.
Ignite your passion.
Strive for excellence.
And keep going.
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