Liberation – Christina Aguilera

When pop meets R&B meets musical theatre? On one studio album. A concept album of sorts? Christina Augulera is back with Liberation. As the album title suggests, Liberation represents and reflects creative freedom and artistic mastery. (1.) Liberation A short prelude to the rest of the album, Liberation features a haunting minor key melodic line that… Continue Reading

5 ways anime inspires creativity

Creatives – ever watch anime for inspiration? Not that I have much time to watch anime. I’m a fan of mermaids and shiny things. So anime that’s focused on a crystal – or anime focused around mermaids, I’m all for. I’ve watched Mermaid Melody in recent months – beautiful music, by the way. So here’s… Continue Reading

3 lessons from the 2018 Olympics

Caught the Olympic hype this past Thursday. Canada represent! And I’ve been hooked since. I love watching the Olympics. Especially winter. Canada pride? A bit. Love watching the figure skating and snowboarding. Art and technique. There’s so many parallels that the Olympics can teach us about creativity. So here’s my top three takeaways – three… Continue Reading

Beach Christmas Tree

There’s a big tree out on Whiffin Spit Beach. A long strip. Ocean breeze. Crashing waves. Wind and sunshine. Elves come and decorate the tree every December.   People from the community place decorations on the tree. Angels, Santa, snowmen. A red tree frog. Creative West Coast inspiration? I think so. If you’re on Vancouver… Continue Reading

Rainbow: Album review

There’s something beautiful about a rainbow. Hope. The end of the storm. The promise of something new. And that can mean the promise of something new with respect to creativity – including creativity in music. I’m a huge supporter of women and girls in music. Singers, songwriters, composers, lyricists, producers. Including the beautiful and creative… Continue Reading

Fifth Harmony – pop paradise

Have you listened to Fifth Harmony’s new album? It’s so worth it.   I promise.   The Miami-based girl band consists of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui.   With Camilla Cabello, former band member, who departed December, 2016, to pursue a music career as a solo artist, Fifth Harmony’s hits include Sledgehammer,… Continue Reading