6 reasons to never stop creating

createcollagetwThis past week was a surprise to many of us.

It’s hard to fathom the unimaginable.

This world can be a crazy place sometimes.

We’re all in this together.

So where do creatives go from here?


Keep making your stuff.

If you want to make sense of crazy, you need to create.

Let the energy out.

Crazy can be confusing. That’s why now, more than ever, we must create.

So here’s six reasons to never stop creating.

(6.) When the world seems dark, you can share your light. Entertain people. Inspire people. Use your work to make people happy.

(5.) Create to make sense of this crazy world. Creation is healing. It can help you organize your thoughts, purge out bad energy and get back to breathing easy.

(4.) Creating is relaxing. As I mentioned above, it helps you purge out energy. Releases your energy. Angry? Sad? Take your rage to the page. Let it out.

(3.) Creation – regardless of the medium – helps artists share their thoughts. A piece of art – a story, music – is a statement – and sharing work helps show people other possibilities. What could be?

(2.) Creation helps artists discover possibilities. Every time you create something, you get the chance to learn something.

(1.) Art reflects life. Art is a response to life. Art helps us keep our sanity – all of us – I’ve been turning to music this past week to help me escape from what seems like an imaginable reality. I’ve been reading young adult fiction. In moderation. So long as you don’t spend every waking moment reading, writing, listening to music to the point where you’re not part of the real world – balance is important.

So keep going. Plug away. Create.

For humanity. For the world. For love.

Create to lift people up.

Create to spread love.

Words, music – whatever your art.

Have hope.

Have faith.

So don’t stop believing in your creativity.

Hope. Dream. Create.

Let your light shine.

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