3 ways creation heals

Creativity is an escape from reality. We all need that healthy escape from reality sometimes. Especially when the going gets tough. And tough can be anything and everything. Everyone’s different. Tough can look like different things to different people. I was a music composition major in college.   I remember talking to someone before one… Continue Reading

4 reasons to keep a journal

Dear Diary. Today was just so awful. That cute guy—or girl—didn’t notice me—again. Yeah. Got it. Your journal’s a great place to be a drama queen or king—if need be. Expressing your feelings of the moment aren’t the only thing a journal’s good for. Writers and songwriters, journals are great for creative types like you.… Continue Reading

Snowflakes: Healing through music

Music heals. When you get right down to it, that’s why we all listen to music. Music makes us feel. Happy, sad, angry, relaxed – whatever the emotion, music makes us feel. And in helping us feel, music heals us. Last post, I talked about some female artists – singers, songwriters and composers – nominated… Continue Reading