Create unplugged

createunpluggedtwGot that Internet buzz? All day every day? When you’re online and offline?

Something like that?

Me, too.

In a world reliant on technology, an Internet itch can’t be helped.

But while it may be an expectation in how we conduct our day to day lives – school, work, personal lives, whatever – too much is not good.


Creativity is a natural process. Technology is amazing – it can help us create material that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to create. A computer program, like Finale Print Music, might help you communicate your idea, but it won’t write your music for you.

Microsoft Word is an essential and easy tool for writers and non-writers to put their thoughts down.

Technology can stifle the creative process – to create something, it’s important to connect with the idea.

What’s the world doing? What’s the latest news? ‘Cause I need to know now.

Internet itch.


Habits can be hard to shake.

But it isn’t going away. The digital age is the now and the future – and it’s only going to move faster and make our daily lives feel busier.

So how do you get your creative work to feel real even though we’re reliant on technology to showcase the work?
(1.) Appreciate technology for what it is – a tool.Technology is a fantastic tool. The internet gives us the world at our fingertips. We can research anything. We can communicate with anyone on countless social media platforms.

(2.) Your creative art is your content. We go on all these social sites and like and share content – and don’t get me wrong – connecting with an online community about your respective creative medium can help your creative process – but don’t forget about creating your art to share with the world.

(3.) Throw your phone down, shut your computer off and force yourself to spend some time alone with a pencil and paper. It’s therapy from the crazy-busy. It doesn’t mean your entire time working on your project has to be longhand – the digital tool helps the process go faster – but because creativity is natural, starting your creative project from a natural place will help you get clarity for your ideas.

So the next time you’ve got something to create, unplug from the electronics. Create pen to page. Go back to natural.

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