Fall For the Dream

Fall for the dream. Call for the glory. Rise up to truth. Tell them we’re not sorry. All for the wonder. All for the wish. Enchant us with glitter. What truth is this? We’re all for the dream. Rise up to glory. Sing out the truth. Love is our story. Fall for dream. All for… Continue Reading

Stars Spark

Stars Spark The lonely night. The ocean whispers. Hold me tight. Our hearts were wrong. But love was right. Feel the glow of love. Stars Spark Salty tears. The full moon whispers. “Never fear. All you’ll ever need Is right here.” Feel the glow of love. Stars Spark A new dawn. Sunshine smiles. Love lives… Continue Reading

Silver Kiss

Shiny purple ripples Glowing in a blue pool. Darling, dve in with me. Let’s forget the rules. Wish for love beyond forever. Wish for a silver kiss. I don’t remember how it goes, But it’s something sort of like this. Starlight burns into dawn. Golden liquid sunrise. Scream into the twilight. Let them see glory… Continue Reading

Turn the Tides Together

Turn the tides together. Feels like forever. Break the blue beats. Let’s go ride the blue forever. Turn the tides together. Love lives on forever. Love gives on forever. If you dive deep for feelings. Turn the tides together. I’ll love you beyond forever. Bring back the dream wherever You go dive deep for feelings.… Continue Reading

Chase Mermaid Tails

Windy sails Chase mermaid tails. Dream of blue Salty waves and scales. Sirens sing Sweet silver songs. Lure me to a world Where fins and feet belong. Windy sails Chase mermaid tails. Dream of blue Salty waves and scales. Blue wish hearts Spin worlds apart. Swim up to the earth. Let’s go back to the… Continue Reading

Ripple Me Blue

Ripple into realms of blue. Hearts, seas, and skies. Love’s been there, too. Let the tides turn ‘Till they’re through. Then dive in. Ripple me blue. Sound soars into a symphony. Rage roars. Who knows what this will be? Let’s adore all you are to me. Dive in and ripple me blue. Ripple into realms… Continue Reading

Salt and Sapphire

Count a charm. Salt and sapphire song. What’s the harm? Come and sing along. Arm in arm. Down where we belong. What’s the harm In swimming and singing along? Work your charm. Sing a salt and sapphire song. Do no harm. Let the truth ring. Just sing along. One more time Sing the salt and… Continue Reading

Burst (A Thousand Moon Tides)

Burst out of My broken heart. Break the curse Love’s torn apart. Bubbles blow. What do you know? Let’s swim back To a thousand Full moon tides ago. Burst my bubbly Broken heart. Take the curse Love’s sworn apart. Oceans flow. What do you know? Let’s swim back To a thousand Full moon tides ago.… Continue Reading

Fate for Feelings

Dream beyond These endless days. Hope seems gone. But still I say. We’re all we’ve got Until the sacred song slays Dreams beyond Fate for feelings. Cold as the wind. Wild as the sea. Before the ocean’s Melody sets us all free. Let’s go back to love. Back to all the earth will see. Fathom… Continue Reading