Creativity: A curse or blessing? How to cope with the creative curse


ideassparkThe Creative Curse.

 It’s something like this:

Ideas spark
This is art
You flow with it
You go with it
Hold that thought
Oh wait – it’s gone.
You plug on.
Ideas drain
From your brain
And you know you’ve gone insane.
And you just can’t knock
That writer’s block.
If you think that’s bad,
It gets worse.
The forces of the universe
Throw it all into reverse.
The story of the creative curse.
Start over again.
Hold your breath and count to ten.
And when you finally see inspired light
Burning candles at midnight
Until the candles burn into daylight.
And you’re done.
Yes, this is a blessing
Messing with your head.
The story of
The sorry-not-sorry of
The creative curse.

Creativity. A blessing and a curse.

The rush of an idea.

The seduction of a story.

The meditative lull of one chord.

The flow – you get so immersed in what you’re doing, you forget that time passes.

But you want results if you want to get your work done.

So here’s some advice on how to cope with the so-called creative curse.

You don’t.

If you want to live a creative life, you need to do something when an idea comes to you – act on it.

Write it down for later.

We have our daily lives and then we have our creative lives.

Double the fun!

And sometimes half the sleep.

Not everyone gets the chance to live a creative life.

So cope with the so-called curse.

But to live a creative life is a blessing.

Creativity is a blessing.

You get to share it with others.

Creativity is healing.

It brings people together. People go to concerts to listen to songs they love so much. They buy books because they love to be entertained by stories.

When you create something, you get to reach people.

So the next time an idea comes to you – you think of a phrase or word, you hear a melody in your head, or you see colours – celebrate the blessing.

Curse for a moment.

And then let creation flow from you.

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