Truth Turns to Tide

Footprints and feelings. Sunshine and sand. Got my moonlit spell wish. But I don’t understand. Why the tide pulls me back. The waves call me home. Bubbles and scales Lure me back to the foam. Surrender to bubbles Songs, scales and spells. Thought love trumped the magic Now I can’t tell. Dreams sink into foam.… Continue Reading

Out of Sight

Crystal chills Shimmering thrills. Mermaids Green around the gills. Go for gory glory In our war of wills. Before the glory falls. Moonlight shimmers out of sight. Ripples vanish in the night. Someone tell me love was right. Now love’s going out of sight. Sunset sinking On the beach. Melodies fading Just beyond your reach.… Continue Reading

blood moon wish

Blood moon wish Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Forever splash my crystal dreams. Love like something I’ve never seen. Blood moon wish. Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Grant us mercy Before Hope gets worse we Dive into desperate dreams Love even if you don’t know… Continue Reading


Take me where We’ve never gone before Take me where There must be something more. Rise from the bubbles into the air Let the tide turn your troubles away without a care. Say your ocean love is here to stay, if you dare. Before we vanish into long lost dreams. Take me where We’ve never… Continue Reading


  Lure me to crazy. Lure me to maybe. Lure me wonderful Lure me to wavy. Lure me in Until you’re in too deep to save me. Lure me deep into the unknown. Say you’ll keep your promises Sinking like a stone. Say you know how wrong this is. But love will lure us home.… Continue Reading

Pearl Girl

Tears fell into the midnight waves. Water kissed her toes. Splash. A man’s head poked out of the water. He flicked his tail. “What is it?” “I’m an outcast. Need a new life.” He threw something. She caught a pearl. She stared. “I see these at night.” “You like ’em. Dive in. Transform.” “What?” “Want… Continue Reading