blood moon wish

Blood moon wish Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Forever splash my crystal dreams. Love like something I’ve never seen. Blood moon wish. Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Grant us mercy Before Hope gets worse we Dive into desperate dreams Love even if you don’t know… Continue Reading

once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon. Someone gave their heart too soon. I’ll try and sing another tune. Bring the song back to me.  Let the moon become one with the foam The heart has a mind of its own. Before we wander into the unknown Bring the song back to me. Once in a blue… Continue Reading

star girl

Constellations Hallucinations Something like infatuation. Star girl, where do you wander? Beyond earth? What’s love worth? In the galaxy? In the universe? Starry-eyes Tell me why. I think I want to call you mine. Call you mine. Stargazing Hearts blazing. Star girl. If love lasts beyond earth. Tell me what you think love’s worth.

Red kiss Christmas

Red lips Love lingers Temptation tingles On your fingers. Hearts beat. Catch my breath. Time’s up. Surrender. Holding hands Holding hearts Wishing on magic? Where do we start? Once upon a Christmas kiss. Red lips. Red love. Hold my hand Hold my heart Hold like hell Let the fire start. Icy burn Hot chill Fire… Continue Reading

Pearl Girl

Tears fell into the midnight waves. Water kissed her toes. Splash. A man’s head poked out of the water. He flicked his tail. “What is it?” “I’m an outcast. Need a new life.” He threw something. She caught a pearl. She stared. “I see these at night.” “You like ’em. Dive in. Transform.” “What?” “Want… Continue Reading