Consequences (orchestra)

  As a recovering classical musician – someone who sees classical music as a fantastic foundation, that can be applied to other genres, pop music included, but whose first loves have always been pop music and musical theatre –  I’m in love with Camila Cabello’s orchestrated version of her ballad Consequences. Nothing sounds cleaner than… Continue Reading

Truth Turns to Tide

Footprints and feelings. Sunshine and sand. Got my moonlit spell wish. But I don’t understand. Why the tide pulls me back. The waves call me home. Bubbles and scales Lure me back to the foam. Surrender to bubbles Songs, scales and spells. Thought love trumped the magic Now I can’t tell. Dreams sink into foam.… Continue Reading


He didn’t have scales. Love like that won’t fail. Let the feelings flow deep. No, don’t try to keep me away. He saw me one night. Under full-blown moonlight. Said you’re such a pretty girl. You’re out of this world. Never heard other words. Guess I’m shallow. No, don’t like deep water. I dream of… Continue Reading

Out of Sight

Crystal chills Shimmering thrills. Mermaids Green around the gills. Go for gory glory In our war of wills. Before the glory falls. Moonlight shimmers out of sight. Ripples vanish in the night. Someone tell me love was right. Now love’s going out of sight. Sunset sinking On the beach. Melodies fading Just beyond your reach.… Continue Reading


Like sea glass smashed In a thousand shatters You threw back my heart And said love never matters. I need to swallow. Breathe bubbles. Follow Truth’s troubles. Chain my heart down Before I drown. Let feelings Sing into the sound. Chain my heart down Before I drown. You conceal secrets You reveal secrets Love’s a… Continue Reading

take me back

Take me back Where the love lost roams. Where the song promises to Take us home. Take me back To tidal turnings. Where destiny looks Unconcerning.Take me back Where the wonder Wants to pull us All back under. Take me back Where we belong. Take me back Where it all went wrong. Take me back… Continue Reading

Bebe Rexha – Expectations album review

Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Pop meets country meets dance? Bebe Rexha’s debut album exceeds Expectations. I’ve been a fan of hers since listening to “In the Name of Love” – gorgeous melody and lyrics. Vulnerability. Confidence. Creativity. Love. Life. Guitar is prominent on the album. So here’s a track-by-track review: (1.) Ferrari Beautiful, raw opening track. The… Continue Reading

Shawn Mendes: The album

Had a listen to Shawn Mendes’ new album yet? Haven’t really listened to him before. The Canadian musician’s self-titled third studio album features mellow vibes. Easy-listening pop. The acoustic vibes are refreshing. Light, fun and easy. Nervous is cute and light – great chorus melody. Queen is the edgiest-sounding track on the album. Mutual is… Continue Reading

drop the heartbeat

Drop the heartbeat Play me on repeat. Stream the song Like a dream gone wrong. Drop the beat. Play love on repeat. High on glory Of an unwritten love story. Feel the rhythm, Repeat the chords. Switch it up Before love gets bored. Drop the heartbeat Play me on repeat.

No Tears Left to Cry

  She’s given us Problem, One Last Time and Break Free. And Ariana Grande recently gave us another epic music vid with her latest single, No Tears Left To Cry. Superwoman hero in an dystopian-esque world? The creativity in the videography is something different. And Ariana looks elegant. Long hair, long dress. Classy. Pop with… Continue Reading