Breath of Fresh Air

Icy rush. A breath of fresh air. Beyond the sea. You’ll find me there. Dive up Into destiny dreams. Rise up. Sing the soaring screams. Sing the icy rush. A breath of fresh air. Beyond the sea. You’ll find me there. Time’s up. Tell your truth crystal clear. Time’s up. Love’s got nothing left to… Continue Reading

Ocean Heart

Tangled in seaweed. Love is all we need. So why didn’t we heed Love’s warning? Wash out Swash out Moonlit sparks. Rip my ocean heart apart Heartbeats and stars Wipe out the dark. Rip my ocean heart apart. Just another fish in the sea. Just another wish we could be. So why didn’t we see… Continue Reading

Dive in (Tides Will Tell)

Surface love Because it’s worth this love. No need to find a perfect love. Wake up the wonder Take the feelings under. Let’s dive in.   Dive in. Teal hearts. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart. Broken shells Tides will tell. Dive in. Feel real hearts. Break this broken love apart.… Continue Reading

Songs from the Storm

Raindrops race Heartbeats chase Give me one more chance To kiss your face. Let love stall. Let rain fall. I don’t feel The pain at all. Summon songs from the storm Is love wrong if our hearts are torn? Love is never going to warn me. Let the moment come and be reborn. Summon songs… Continue Reading


Sunshine hearts Bring on a new day. Let the fintastic Splash our way. Tidal shimmers New hope glimmers. Heartbreak winners. Shine on to love. Waters wait Infatuate Feelings by fate It’s time to love. Moonlit whisper. Dive into the night. Let melodies sing Into sacred starlight. Tidal shimmers New hope glimmers. Heartbreak winners. Shine on… Continue Reading


  You rise into the air. Your eyes caught my lovesick stare. We’re worlds apart, but I don’t care. Your charm won’t do much harm.   Stand on the shore. Sing into the mist. Surrender to the storm. Seal my destiny with your kiss. Charm my dreams in aquamarine. Soothe my fears as I cry… Continue Reading

Million Salty Tears

Crystal tears. Freeze my fears. Scales shimmer songs Lost in all those years. Scales sing of truth. Darling, we’re living proof. Never thought we’d end up here. Not in a million salty tears. Clear as a crystal ball, we’re here. And so the feelings flow. Let love go. What could be We’ll never know. Crystallize… Continue Reading

Shiny Bubbles

I didn’t want to care So I came up for air. Then I saw you standing there. Never thought love would look like this. Forever caught up in a moonlit beach kiss. Underwater shiny bubbles. Don’t get me caught up in your troubles. Counting down grains of sand. You can count your wishes or take… Continue Reading

Night Into My Veins

Splish. Splash. I’m going under. Once upon a Whirlpool wonder. Control the flow? Away we go. Under the undertow. Sing the night into my veins. Give them a fight Till the waves Fall like rain. I can’t explain Why I’m insane. But I think we’re going under. Once upon a Blue moonlight. Who would know… Continue Reading

Take Back the Tide

Splash into the moonlit depths. Where the starfish shone and wept. Where love’s far wish we should have kept. We haven’t found salvation yet. Don’t take back your heart Don’t take back the tide. Love forever flows. Come along for the ride. Under the waves I’m feeling brave. Let the waves dissolve What love can’t… Continue Reading