Swear to the Pearly Moon

Drown the rules. Swim with fools. Can’t stop us now. Dive into the cool. Broken shards of Shiny jewels. Falling hard For human fools. Break the curse. We’ll break the rules. Swear to the pearly moon. Rise into rainbow waves Blood and salt saves Fame from glory Kiss me if you’re brave. Broken shards of… Continue Reading

Gem of the Moon

Gem of the moon. Send your love soon. Glitter and gleam. Dream beyond the doom. Breathe into the ocean sky. Pray for wings so we can fly Beyond the waves. Don’t ask why. Just send me your love soon. Pearl of the sand. Please understand. Glow. Don’t you know Love’s got more planned? Breathe into… Continue Reading

Ignite the night

Once upon an inspiration. An illumination of the soul’s creation. Showed us a look of divine love. Dreams and destiny. Let it get the best of you and me. Breathe in. Breathe out. Create Let your energy ignite the night. Moonlit magic. Throw out your doubts. Let go. Release your feelings. Renew. Refresh. Rebirth. Ignite… Continue Reading