Truth Turns to Tide

Footprints and feelings. Sunshine and sand. Got my moonlit spell wish. But I don’t understand. Why the tide pulls me back. The waves call me home. Bubbles and scales Lure me back to the foam. Surrender to bubbles Songs, scales and spells. Thought love trumped the magic Now I can’t tell. Dreams sink into foam.… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Explosion

Whirlpool explosion. Let the waves rule emotions. Pound back another wondrous love potion. Dive into devotion. Do you know where we’re going? Guess there’s no knowing. So let’s get sucked in To a whirlpool explosion. If you’re counting on time, Time to turn the beat back. We’ve got scales, tails and fails. And I-love-yous, repeat… Continue Reading


Standing on the sandy shore Wishing we were something more. Back to where we were before Destiny dive deep. Where the storm sings Where the waves weep Where hearts make Promises we should keep. So let the waves break Let the sun rise Let the love take Its sweet time. Watching the glimmers disappear. Wishing… Continue Reading


Breaking waves Breaking hearts Foamy feelings Wash love apart. I swore I gave Love my all. Listen closely. Do you hear love call? Where do you wander? Where do you go? Wash with the waves. Go with the flow. Give me one last breath Don’t save me yet. I’m sinking Not thinking. Of love’s last… Continue Reading

Wishes, Waves and Wonder

When stars dance, Let’s take a chance. On a moonlit midnight tide romance. Only love lonely love. Love like you’ll never get enough.  Blow kisses. Blow bubbles. Splash away Your troubles. Make a wish Make a splash. Let wishes, waves and wonder crash. Follow your feelings. Swallow your feelings. Love like you’ll never get enough.… Continue Reading