Pink and Blue Starfish

Purple, pink and blue starfish. Darling, I think you are my wish. All I’ll ever need is this. Love deeper than the sea.   Purple, pink and blue starfish. Darling, I think you are my wish. Seal destiny with one more kiss. Back to you and me.   Purple, pink and blue starfish. Love me… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Slow Dance

Moonbeams on the waves. Shine like a crystal dream. Bursting into my heart. Love isn’t always what it seems. So swallow fear. Love brought you here. Dive into crystal clear. Into an ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow dance. How do you know love Will stand a chance? An ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow… Continue Reading

Night Into My Veins

Splish. Splash. I’m going under. Once upon a Whirlpool wonder. Control the flow? Away we go. Under the undertow. Sing the night into my veins. Give them a fight Till the waves Fall like rain. I can’t explain Why I’m insane. But I think we’re going under. Once upon a Blue moonlight. Who would know… Continue Reading

Take Back the Tide

Splash into the moonlit depths. Where the starfish shone and wept. Where love’s far wish we should have kept. We haven’t found salvation yet. Don’t take back your heart Don’t take back the tide. Love forever flows. Come along for the ride. Under the waves I’m feeling brave. Let the waves dissolve What love can’t… Continue Reading

Truth Turns to Tide

Footprints and feelings. Sunshine and sand. Got my moonlit spell wish. But I don’t understand. Why the tide pulls me back. The waves call me home. Bubbles and scales Lure me back to the foam. Surrender to bubbles Songs, scales and spells. Thought love trumped the magic Now I can’t tell. Dreams sink into foam.… Continue Reading


You got me anchored Down on a promise. You’re like a whirlpool But I know I want this. If you want to keep me Dive deep for me. Ocean emotion Wish for a kiss Kiss for a wish. Something like this. Bubbly breath. How could I forget? Swallow me with your kiss. Love should always… Continue Reading

Wishes, Waves and Wonder

When stars dance, Let’s take a chance. On a moonlit midnight tide romance. Only love lonely love. Love like you’ll never get enough.  Blow kisses. Blow bubbles. Splash away Your troubles. Make a wish Make a splash. Let wishes, waves and wonder crash. Follow your feelings. Swallow your feelings. Love like you’ll never get enough.… Continue Reading


He didn’t have scales. Love like that won’t fail. Let the feelings flow deep. No, don’t try to keep me away. He saw me one night. Under full-blown moonlight. Said you’re such a pretty girl. You’re out of this world. Never heard other words. Guess I’m shallow. No, don’t like deep water. I dream of… Continue Reading

Out of Sight

Crystal chills Shimmering thrills. Mermaids Green around the gills. Go for gory glory In our war of wills. Before the glory falls. Moonlight shimmers out of sight. Ripples vanish in the night. Someone tell me love was right. Now love’s going out of sight. Sunset sinking On the beach. Melodies fading Just beyond your reach.… Continue Reading