The Way the Tide Rolls

Moonlit pearls. Ocean girl. Something out of this blue world. Give danger with a stranger a whirl. Waves break. Hearts break. What else is love gonna take? Love like us was a mistake. That’s the way the tide rolls. If you want to save this Tell love that you gave this Beyond the wind and… Continue Reading

Tide of Dreams

All we know is moonlight glow Shimmering a thousand leagues below. The glimmering waves Say the song will save Truth from ruin. Tell us soon. Bubbles blow beauty back to bliss. Tell me you knew we’d end up like this. Spread your wishes across a tide of dreams. Sparkling kisses wash away all hope, it… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Explosion

Whirlpool explosion. Let the waves rule emotions. Pound back another wondrous love potion. Dive into devotion. Do you know where we’re going? Guess there’s no knowing. So let’s get sucked in To a whirlpool explosion. If you’re counting on time, Time to turn the beat back. We’ve got scales, tails and fails. And I-love-yous, repeat… Continue Reading