Ripple Me Blue

Ripple into realms of blue. Hearts, seas, and skies. Love’s been there, too. Let the tides turn ‘Till they’re through. Then dive in. Ripple me blue. Sound soars into a symphony. Rage roars. Who knows what this will be? Let’s adore all you are to me. Dive in and ripple me blue. Ripple into realms… Continue Reading

Swim Into the Glow

Darling let’s go. Discover truth in the deep. Where the crystal light flows. Where the secrets still sleep. Swim into the glow Swim into the deep. Relinquish whatever Secrets you keep. Seal dreams with a kiss. Surrender to sleep. Here’s to forever. Where wishes will weep. Swim into the glow Swim into the deep. Relinquish… Continue Reading

Catch a Crystal Wave

Follow your broken heart. Follow the pearly moon. What could keep us apart? Love will take you there soon. Catch a crystal wave. Kiss me if you’re brave. Love will come and save us From this crazy whirlpool rage. Crackle like fire Wipeout like high tide. Dive into the moment. What do you decide? Catch… Continue Reading

Salt and Sapphire

Count a charm. Salt and sapphire song. What’s the harm? Come and sing along. Arm in arm. Down where we belong. What’s the harm In swimming and singing along? Work your charm. Sing a salt and sapphire song. Do no harm. Let the truth ring. Just sing along. One more time Sing the salt and… Continue Reading

Fate for Feelings

Dream beyond These endless days. Hope seems gone. But still I say. We’re all we’ve got Until the sacred song slays Dreams beyond Fate for feelings. Cold as the wind. Wild as the sea. Before the ocean’s Melody sets us all free. Let’s go back to love. Back to all the earth will see. Fathom… Continue Reading

Rip Tide

Infuse your soul And lose control. Fall apart. Let the waves Make you whole. Rip tide rules The fishgirl fools. Fins for feelings. Wish whirlpools. Let your fear Disappear. Sink or swim. Darling, I’m right here. Rip tide rules The fishgirl fools. Fins for feelings. Wish whirlpools. Spin around Soar into sound. Sing into silence.… Continue Reading

Wonder Wish

Flying fish. Splish splash splish. What is this? Wonder wish. What is this Wonder wish? Feels like All we know is this. Wonder wish. For all we miss. Blue hearts Beat for Hope like this.

Tidal Indigo (Love Flows)

Golden glory glows, As the olden story goes. Tidal indigo. Feel forever flow. Let the soul go Where the love flows. Let me love you More than you’ll ever know. Let the soul go Where wonder flows Into the undertow. Tidal indigo. Why will bubbles blow? Beyond beautiful. No one ever knows. Where forever goes.… Continue Reading

Ocean skies

Spinning stars In ocean skies. Wondrous wishes. Burn in our eyes. Spin around Into songful sound. Seek out love Until we’ve found. All we want. All we need. Dreams belong To those who believe. In spinning stars In ocean skies. Wondrous wishes. Burn in our eyes. Once we fall in. Let the storm begin. Wash… Continue Reading

Breathing Bubbles

Tears frozen. A drop in the sea. Beyond broken breath. Feeling free. Breathing bubbles. Feeling fate. Leave your troubles Before it’s too late. Salty tears. Stop, love wait. Before the tide Takes you from me. Dive into truth. What do you seek? Tunes or treasures? Surrender or speak.   Breathing bubbles. Feeling fate. Leave your… Continue Reading