Message in a Bottle

Love sunk to the ocean floor. Never seen starlit tears before. Moonlit heartbreak. Moonlit heartache. Give me just one sunset more. Got a message in a bottle. Broken seashells, broken heart. Sunken ships. Love just at your fingertips. Let all that can never be Rip us apart. Up we reach To the sandy beach Down… Continue Reading

Consequences (orchestra)

  As a recovering classical musician – someone who sees classical music as a fantastic foundation, that can be applied to other genres, pop music included, but whose first loves have always been pop music and musical theatre –  I’m in love with Camila Cabello’s orchestrated version of her ballad Consequences. Nothing sounds cleaner than… Continue Reading

red burn

Red. Burn. Thorns. I could have sworn Love made me warn you. Once upon a red burn. Once upon a red turn. Turning, turning, turning. Burning, burning, burning. Red. Petals. Bloom too soon? Wish upon a midnight moon. Red Burn.


Icy wish Frozen kiss Snowflake love Feels like this. icy wish frozen kiss melt my feels let love heal Icy wish Frozen kiss Snowflake love Feels like this. Chills and thrills. Do you think you will? icy burn it’s your turn to love me. Melt the ice. Don’t think twice. Don’t you think the ice… Continue Reading