Witness wonders – album review

Witness Katy Perry’ latest album? A creative. A social advocate. A trailblazer. Katy Perry continues to entertain the world with her music. And challenges us with her lyrics. So here’s my Witness album review: (1.) Witness Lyrical love? Like nothing else. The album’s opening and title track’s pre-chorus and chorus lyrics speak for all of us.… Continue Reading

10 ways to avoid creative burnout

This is it. You’re in love with your craft. Like an obsession. Writing ideas down every chance you get. Forgetting about everything else. Interrupting whatever you’re doing when you get an idea to catch it before it flies away. Making time for studying your craft – reading, listening to music, whatever – anything that helps… Continue Reading

4 reasons to keep a journal

Dear Diary. Today was just so awful. That cute guy—or girl—didn’t notice me—again. Yeah. Got it. Your journal’s a great place to be a drama queen or king—if need be. Expressing your feelings of the moment aren’t the only thing a journal’s good for. Writers and songwriters, journals are great for creative types like you.… Continue Reading

Create your 2017

Got your 2017 resolutions set? Feel the new year inspiration? Need some new year motivation? Rock 2017 by setting some goals to achieve those resolutions. I’ve got a few resolutions, myself. Drink more lemon water, exercise more—better health gives more energy for creativity—and make more time for my creative life. What we all wouldn’t give… Continue Reading