Cut through my heart Bought a cheap promise Seashell love Like we tell love. Slashing swordfish Splashing swordfish. Slash my heart. Love’s bloody reward. Feeling the bubbles. Slice through my scales. Fighting the feelings. Twisting the tails. Slashing swordfish Splashing swordfish. Slash my heart. Love’s bloody reward. Swordfish Bored fish. Splashing around My last little… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Slow Dance

Moonbeams on the waves. Shine like a crystal dream. Bursting into my heart. Love isn’t always what it seems. So swallow fear. Love brought you here. Dive into crystal clear. Into an ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow dance. How do you know love Will stand a chance? An ocean of moments. A whirlpool slow… Continue Reading

5 ways anime inspires creativity

Creatives – ever watch anime for inspiration? Not that I have much time to watch anime. I’m a fan of mermaids and shiny things. So anime that’s focused on a crystal – or anime focused around mermaids, I’m all for. I’ve watched Mermaid Melody in recent months – beautiful music, by the way. So here’s… Continue Reading

red burn

Red. Burn. Thorns. I could have sworn Love made me warn you. Once upon a red burn. Once upon a red turn. Turning, turning, turning. Burning, burning, burning. Red. Petals. Bloom too soon? Wish upon a midnight moon. Red Burn.

red beats

When you think all the love’s gonna disappear, Remember, darling, I’m still standing here. Wait on a wish? Seal love with a kiss. Love like your favourite song. Love on repeat. Love red beats.


Cold feelings. Old feelings. Can’t be controlled feelings. So I’ve been told feelings. Bring on big and bold feelings. Woosh. There you go, feelings. Burned out long ago, feelings. Love like that is hard to hold. Feelings go stealing my heart, again. Feelings break my heart apart, again. Don’t know if it’s real feelings. Don’t… Continue Reading