Breaking waves Breaking hearts Foamy feelings Wash love apart. I swore I gave Love my all. Listen closely. Do you hear love call? Where do you wander? Where do you go? Wash with the waves. Go with the flow. Give me one last breath Don’t save me yet. I’m sinking Not thinking. Of love’s last… Continue Reading

blood moon wish

Blood moon wish Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Forever splash my crystal dreams. Love like something I’ve never seen. Blood moon wish. Starfish kiss. Save All the wonder That looks like this. Grant us mercy Before Hope gets worse we Dive into desperate dreams Love even if you don’t know… Continue Reading


  Lure me to crazy. Lure me to maybe. Lure me wonderful Lure me to wavy. Lure me in Until you’re in too deep to save me. Lure me deep into the unknown. Say you’ll keep your promises Sinking like a stone. Say you know how wrong this is. But love will lure us home.… Continue Reading

Underwater ocean kiss

Underwater ocean kiss Can’t feelings always be like this? Silver rush. Moonlit crush. Will feelings and promises Ever be enough? Midnights fade. Misty morning. Love lost chance. The tide calls you back Without warning. Crashing waves Flowing tide. Howling winds. Darling, just decide That you want love like an underwater ocean kiss Can’t the feeling… Continue Reading

Percy Jackson – timeless story inspo

That feeling when you read a fantasy book series and it’s pure magic? Percy Jackson is exactly what you need if you love fantasy. Found book five of a spin-off series—The Heroes of Olympus—one day in a book store. Read it. Loved it. Read the first four books of that series. Then ordered the Percy… Continue Reading

Tails and Scales

Mermaid tails And shiny scales. A song of true love Never fails. Daybreak song. Luring the one who belongs. Beneath bubbles and bliss. Tidal love looks like this. Let’s dive in. Take a spin. Through waters, cool, An ocean pool. Of dreams and wishes and memories. Starfish kisses get the best of me. Splash Free… Continue Reading

star girl

Constellations Hallucinations Something like infatuation. Star girl, where do you wander? Beyond earth? What’s love worth? In the galaxy? In the universe? Starry-eyes Tell me why. I think I want to call you mine. Call you mine. Stargazing Hearts blazing. Star girl. If love lasts beyond earth. Tell me what you think love’s worth.

Pearl Girl

Tears fell into the midnight waves. Water kissed her toes. Splash. A man’s head poked out of the water. He flicked his tail. “What is it?” “I’m an outcast. Need a new life.” He threw something. She caught a pearl. She stared. “I see these at night.” “You like ’em. Dive in. Transform.” “What?” “Want… Continue Reading