Tide of Dreams

All we know is moonlight glow Shimmering a thousand leagues below. The glimmering waves Say the song will save Truth from ruin. Tell us soon. Bubbles blow beauty back to bliss. Tell me you knew we’d end up like this. Spread your wishes across a tide of dreams. Sparkling kisses wash away all hope, it… Continue Reading

Midnight Wave

Ride a midnight wave. I think we need to save Love from going under. Kiss me if you’re feeling brave.   Dive into an ocean Of love in slow-motion Call it a crazy notion. But let me call you mine. Dive into an ocean Of love in slow-motion One last time. Let me call you… Continue Reading

take me back

Take me back Where the love lost roams. Where the song promises to Take us home. Take me back To tidal turnings. Where destiny looks Unconcerning.Take me back Where the wonder Wants to pull us All back under. Take me back Where we belong. Take me back Where it all went wrong. Take me back… Continue Reading

Tails and Scales

Mermaid tails And shiny scales. A song of true love Never fails. Daybreak song. Luring the one who belongs. Beneath bubbles and bliss. Tidal love looks like this. Let’s dive in. Take a spin. Through waters, cool, An ocean pool. Of dreams and wishes and memories. Starfish kisses get the best of me. Splash Free… Continue Reading

love for all time

Time. Beats. Heart Beats. Can’t sleep. Time creeps Away. Feels. Tick. Tock. Don’t stop the beat. Love rips open. Love has spoken when time stops for all time. And until then…. There’s Twisted time. Addicted time. Time to wish you were mine. Time feels Hearts heal. Don’t stop the beat. Tick Tock. Love for all… Continue Reading

once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon. Someone gave their heart too soon. I’ll try and sing another tune. Bring the song back to me.  Let the moon become one with the foam The heart has a mind of its own. Before we wander into the unknown Bring the song back to me. Once in a blue… Continue Reading

star girl

Constellations Hallucinations Something like infatuation. Star girl, where do you wander? Beyond earth? What’s love worth? In the galaxy? In the universe? Starry-eyes Tell me why. I think I want to call you mine. Call you mine. Stargazing Hearts blazing. Star girl. If love lasts beyond earth. Tell me what you think love’s worth.

Create your 2017

Got your 2017 resolutions set? Feel the new year inspiration? Need some new year motivation? Rock 2017 by setting some goals to achieve those resolutions. I’ve got a few resolutions, myself. Drink more lemon water, exercise more—better health gives more energy for creativity—and make more time for my creative life. What we all wouldn’t give… Continue Reading