Fall For the Dream

Fall for the dream. Call for the glory. Rise up to truth. Tell them we’re not sorry. All for the wonder. All for the wish. Enchant us with glitter. What truth is this? We’re all for the dream. Rise up to glory. Sing out the truth. Love is our story. Fall for dream. All for… Continue Reading

Cool Blue Rush

Cool blue rush Want you and me? Is this forever? Dive in and see. Like a lost forever dream. Love is never what it seems. Fool the blue rush. Fool if you rush. Flow with forever you and me. Cool blue rush Want you and me? Is this forever? Dive in and see. Like a… Continue Reading

Sunlight and Seaweed

Bubbles beat. Feelings repeat. Waves wish I were Trading fins for feet. Sunlight and seaweed. We’re all we need. Let heartbeats flow Until feelings are freed. So twinkle the twilight. Sprinkle the song. Let’s go back up To the sand where we belong. Nothing in this sea Could keep you from me. Let the feelings… Continue Reading

Bubbly Spark

A promise of midnight. A bubbly spark by night. Where the dreams disappeared And swam out of sight. Far from the feelings. Far from the dreams. Far from the hope Like we’ve never seen. Somewhere far away Where the love promised to stay. Whatever happens, darling. I promise I’ll always love you anyway. Weaver of… Continue Reading

Ripples Burn

Love me like an ocean. Smash a crystal heart. Tell me now I’m dreaming. Memories break apart. So take me where the song begins. Spin glory back to truth. I swear on scales and shiny tails Our love is living proof. Take me where The bubbles blow. Spin glory back to truth. Take me where… Continue Reading


Standing on the sandy shore Wishing we were something more. Back to where we were before Destiny dive deep. Where the storm sings Where the waves weep Where hearts make Promises we should keep. So let the waves break Let the sun rise Let the love take Its sweet time. Watching the glimmers disappear. Wishing… Continue Reading


Breaking waves Breaking hearts Foamy feelings Wash love apart. I swore I gave Love my all. Listen closely. Do you hear love call? Where do you wander? Where do you go? Wash with the waves. Go with the flow. Give me one last breath Don’t save me yet. I’m sinking Not thinking. Of love’s last… Continue Reading

take me back

Take me back Where the love lost roams. Where the song promises to Take us home. Take me back To tidal turnings. Where destiny looks Unconcerning.Take me back Where the wonder Wants to pull us All back under. Take me back Where we belong. Take me back Where it all went wrong. Take me back… Continue Reading

Tails and Scales

Mermaid tails And shiny scales. A song of true love Never fails. Daybreak song. Luring the one who belongs. Beneath bubbles and bliss. Tidal love looks like this. Let’s dive in. Take a spin. Through waters, cool, An ocean pool. Of dreams and wishes and memories. Starfish kisses get the best of me. Splash Free… Continue Reading

love for all time

Time. Beats. Heart Beats. Can’t sleep. Time creeps Away. Feels. Tick. Tock. Don’t stop the beat. Love rips open. Love has spoken when time stops for all time. And until then…. There’s Twisted time. Addicted time. Time to wish you were mine. Time feels Hearts heal. Don’t stop the beat. Tick Tock. Love for all… Continue Reading