Shiny Bubbles

I didn’t want to care So I came up for air. Then I saw you standing there. Never thought love would look like this. Forever caught up in a moonlit beach kiss. Underwater shiny bubbles. Don’t get me caught up in your troubles. Counting down grains of sand. You can count your wishes or take… Continue Reading

Night Into My Veins

Splish. Splash. I’m going under. Once upon a Whirlpool wonder. Control the flow? Away we go. Under the undertow. Sing the night into my veins. Give them a fight Till the waves Fall like rain. I can’t explain Why I’m insane. But I think we’re going under. Once upon a Blue moonlight. Who would know… Continue Reading

Crystal Chills

I want the cool rush. I want you to miss me too much. Crash and splash Like it’s never enough. I want the crashing waves Tidal turns Crystal chills. Heartbeat burns. Tidal turns Crystal chills If you go I’ll miss your thrills. Pull me back under. Scales and songs. Crystallize my moonlit eyes. All I… Continue Reading

Consequences (orchestra)

  As a recovering classical musician – someone who sees classical music as a fantastic foundation, that can be applied to other genres, pop music included, but whose first loves have always been pop music and musical theatre –  I’m in love with Camila Cabello’s orchestrated version of her ballad Consequences. Nothing sounds cleaner than… Continue Reading


You got me anchored Down on a promise. You’re like a whirlpool But I know I want this. If you want to keep me Dive deep for me. Ocean emotion Wish for a kiss Kiss for a wish. Something like this. Bubbly breath. How could I forget? Swallow me with your kiss. Love should always… Continue Reading

Whirlpool Explosion

Whirlpool explosion. Let the waves rule emotions. Pound back another wondrous love potion. Dive into devotion. Do you know where we’re going? Guess there’s no knowing. So let’s get sucked in To a whirlpool explosion. If you’re counting on time, Time to turn the beat back. We’ve got scales, tails and fails. And I-love-yous, repeat… Continue Reading


He didn’t have scales. Love like that won’t fail. Let the feelings flow deep. No, don’t try to keep me away. He saw me one night. Under full-blown moonlight. Said you’re such a pretty girl. You’re out of this world. Never heard other words. Guess I’m shallow. No, don’t like deep water. I dream of… Continue Reading

Out of Sight

Crystal chills Shimmering thrills. Mermaids Green around the gills. Go for gory glory In our war of wills. Before the glory falls. Moonlight shimmers out of sight. Ripples vanish in the night. Someone tell me love was right. Now love’s going out of sight. Sunset sinking On the beach. Melodies fading Just beyond your reach.… Continue Reading


Like sea glass smashed In a thousand shatters You threw back my heart And said love never matters. I need to swallow. Breathe bubbles. Follow Truth’s troubles. Chain my heart down Before I drown. Let feelings Sing into the sound. Chain my heart down Before I drown. You conceal secrets You reveal secrets Love’s a… Continue Reading


This be the dream Tell me what this means. Because, darling, shiny things Aren’t always what they seem. Moonlit wishes. Sunlit kisses. Tell me if you know what this is. Broken sea glass. Broken me past The fading moon. Send me something sacred, Send me something soon. This be the dream Tell me what this… Continue Reading