Fate for Feelings

Dream beyond
These endless days.
Hope seems gone.
But still I say.
We’re all we’ve got
Until the sacred song slays
Dreams beyond
Fate for feelings.
Cold as the wind.
Wild as the sea.
Before the ocean’s
Melody sets us all free.
Let’s go back to love.
Back to all the earth will see.
Fathom fate for feelings.
Dream back to love.
Back to all we’ll ever see.
Come with me once more.
You’ll see it’s all meant to be.
And if the sacred song
Won’t set us free
We’ll fathom fate for feelings.
When the tide washes into foam.
Feels like heartache.
Feels like home.
And if we’ve got
One more chance to roam.
Let’s go fathom fate for feelings.
Wish upon the crystal waves.
Glowing in full moonlight.
Hope you’re feeling brave.
If you thought my broken heart forgave
You forgot to
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