Consequences (orchestra)


Camila Cabello performs Consequences (orchestra) at the AMAs on October 9, 2018. Cred:

As a recovering classical musician – someone who sees classical music as a fantastic foundation, that can be applied to other genres, pop music included, but whose first loves have always been pop music and musical theatre –  I’m in love with Camila Cabello’s orchestrated version of her ballad Consequences.

Nothing sounds cleaner than an orchestra.

Consequences (orchestra) hits us all in the feels for a number of reasons:

(1.) Simplicity of the chord progression. The basic three-chord progression in the intro is predictable with pop music – but that’s what makes it beautiful. She gives listeners something familiar.

(2.) Making that simple chord progression sounds so epic with instrumentation. A familiar chord progression with unexpected instrumentation.

(3.)  Popular music doesn’t employ solely orchestral sounds all the time. In this case, when artists do?

Harp? Strings? Piano?

The song opens as simply as its original pop recording does.

Later on?

Timpani? Timpani and descending bass lines together?



Consequence of listening to this song?

You’ll want every song recorded with an orchestra.

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