Speak Your Mind: Anne-Marie album review

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 11.42.36 PMBlast from the past meets pop drop beats?

Yes, please.

Anne-Marie’s debut studio album, Speak Your Mind, offers refreshing pop.

With 17 tracks, the album is longer than an average long play studio album.

More music to love.

Here’s a track-by-track review:

(1.) Cry

Bass, beats and bold song. Because forget the tears.

(2.) Ciao Adios

Fast-tempo and upbeat. Confident. Catchy. Fun break up number.

(3.) Alarm

Alarm features musical painting. The music mimics the sound of an alarm. Fun. Playful.

(4.) Trigger

Acoustic-ish synth meets mid-tempo jam.

(5.) Then

Fast-paced. Urgent. Hot.

(6.) Perfect

Female empowerment for the win. Because obsessing with perfection is overrated.

(7.) Friends

Bright, sassy and fun. F-R-I-E-N-D-S.

(8.) Bad Girlfriend

Minor key. Not the catchiest melody. But the bass line acts like a response to the vocal line.

(9.) Heavy

Light and bright. This has more of a mainstream pop sound than other tracks on this album. Great melody.

(10.) 2002

Sweet. Playful. Acoustic guitar guides the vocal line and song as Anne-Marie takes us on a trip down memory lane for her first kiss.

(11.) Can I get your number
Mid-tempo dance jam. Happy and cute.

(12.) Machine
Dystopian-esque number with a mid-tempo beat. Because sometimes, we need to forget the feelings….if only.

(13.) Breathing Fire
Breathing Fire?

Beautiful image.
(14.) Some People
Slow and sentimental. A nice slow jam. Go with the flow jam.
(15.) Used to Love You

Used to Love You is one of my latest musical obsessions. Can’t the melody out of my head.

Lyrics dive in to a story. Love how the first verse lyrics open the song: “Do I make you nervous / When I look in your eyes?”

Catchy vocal line.

And then there’s the bass line.

(16.) Peak

Tender ballad. Not the catchiest melody, but beautiful song. Featuring piano and strings to back Anne-Marie’s voice.

(17.) Rockabye
Upbeat story about a single mom focusing on her child.

Beautiful fusion of lullaby lyrics quoted into a pop song.

Anne-Marie offers something for every type of pop fan.
So if you want some refreshing inspiration, stream Speak Your Mind on Spotify.


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