Shawn Mendes: The album

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 8.21.47 AM
Had a listen to Shawn Mendes’ new album yet?

Haven’t really listened to him before.

The Canadian musician’s self-titled third studio album features mellow vibes.

Easy-listening pop.

The acoustic vibes are refreshing.

Light, fun and easy.

Nervous is cute and light – great chorus melody.

Queen is the edgiest-sounding track on the album.

Mutual is a fun mid-tempo jam, too. Chorus is catchy. My favourite track on the album.

The 19-year old singer-songwriter is back with

Why is a mellow slow jam.

Fallon’ All In You and Particular Taste are playful mid-tempos.

Creativity on every track.

Stream Shawn Mendes.

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