Percy Jackson – timeless story inspo

IMG_2007That feeling when you read a fantasy book series and it’s pure magic?

Percy Jackson is exactly what you need if you love fantasy.

Found book five of a spin-off series—The Heroes of Olympus—one day in a book store.

Read it.

Loved it.

Read the first four books of that series.

Then ordered the Percy Jackson box set (five books) and read those.

Teenager Percy Jackson learns he is the son of Greek god Poseidon. His mission? To work to prevent a fight between Olympics from becoming a full-throttle war and save his mother from Hades.

Haven’t felt this excited about reading middle grade books since Harry Potter – and that’s different. Harry Potter evolves into a bit of a young adult series.

Rick Riordan’s writing is beautiful. He celebrates diversity: minorities – race, sexual orientation and people with disabilities.




Infused with a dose of reality.

Bring magic to the real world?

Bring reality to the fantasy world?

Whatever you want.

Rick Riordan does both.

Beautiful exploration and interpretation.

The values Rick Riordan promotes are timeless. They apply to creative process and in life.

Standing up for your friends.

Fighting for your community.

Fighting for your beliefs.

Going for glory.

Working for what you want.

IMG_2004If you love fantasy novels and haven’t read Percy Jackson, yet, get the series.

Inspiration like nothing else.

I promise.


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