5 lessons in creativity from Avicii

With the passing of Avicii, the music industry and the world has lost a revolutionary creative.

Electronic dance music (edm) powerhouse.
Creative soul.
There is so much that musicians and other creatives can gain through listening to Avicii’s music.
Here’s 5 lessons from Avicii.
(1.) Nothing beats an upbeat track.
Two words: Pop drop.
The pop drop is an instrumental section played after the chorus in a song.
EDM is built on repetition – edm songs are full of pop drops.
Catchy hooks.
People live for the catchy hooks.
The fun, repetitive beats are all people really want.
And Avicii gives us that.
Avicii gives us chorus instrumental music in all its hyped up glory.
(2.) Dare to do something different.
Slow jam? Drama? No drums to start?
He has created some mysterious and high art-sounding slow and dramatic tracks. Addicted to You, on his album, True, is one of them. Dear Boy is another fun one that starts out slow and picks up to an epic chorus.
(3.) Celebrate the beauty and simplicity of natural sounds.
His single, Wake Me Up, sounds like a stripped down acoustic jam as the song begins. The beat picks up. However, the song maintains its acoustic vibe.
(4.) Collaborate to feed creativity.
Avicii collaborated with other artists, including Madonna and Coldplay.
Working with others who understand music from a different angle can help us bring new perspective.
(5.) Don’t stop creating.
Avicii lived to create.
Creativity is healing.
Creativity feels good.
Creativity keeps us happy.
Stream Avicii’s sounds in all their glory.
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