5 lessons from American Idol



Image from https://www.longroom.com/discussion/472223/five-realistic-choices-to-host-or-judge-american-idol-in-2018

Reality TV meets music meets inspiration?

American Idol is back.

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan all bring experience and creativity to the table.

Here’s 10 lessons creatives can learn from American Idol:

(1.) Diversity
There’s room for all types of creativity. There’s room for all types of personalities. We’re all different. And we need to celebrate all of it.
(2.) Music is one part of the package.

Learn how to brand yourself. Learn how to market yourself to sell your art.

(3.) Learn from different styles.

Singers are assigned to sing certain genres of music or a certain artists’ songs every week on the show. Get comfortable with diving out of your comfort zone to explore new types of art.

(4.) Create your creative identity. 

What’s your style? What’s your image? What makes you you?

Creativity helps establish your creative identity.

Find and celebrate your influences.

Which artists do you love? Why? How can you be influenced by your inspirations and use those influences to create your own unique spin on your writing or music?

(5.) Ask others for their support and input.
Americans get the opportunity to participate in contestants’ singing experience on the show, voting members off with each episode until one person gains the title of American Idol. American Idol fans determine who becomes the idol. Creatives need a fan base in order to become commercially successful. So find ways to showcase your art within the digital realm (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WattPad, SoundCloud, wherever works for you) and ask people for their thoughts. Great response from followers will tell you that your fans like your work. Some may leave comments offering suggestions.

Never lose your creative passion.

You’re in it to create. Forever. Invest time. Sacrifice. Keep your vision in mind.

Here’s to inspirational music for the win.

Catch American Idol on Sundays and Mondays at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific on ABC.
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