aurora – album review

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 10.37.31 PMShe released short EP albums showcasing a few songs at a time.

And now she’s released her latest album, aurora.



Musical glory.

First discovered Bea Miller when I saw a YouTube video of her singing in support of novelist Jennifer Donnelly’s WaterFire Saga.

Beautiful voice.

Her album, Not An Apology, is one of my favourites.

And now, Bea gives us more glorious jams.

So here’s a review of aurora.

(1.) song like you

Mid-tempo anthem. Awesome angst.

(2.) burning bridges

Underwater. Bubbles.

Slow jam bass.

Nursery rhyme musical quote in the chorus.
Because cute.

(3.) motherlove

The catchy rhythmic bass is everything. A fun groove that gets you right away. Back-up vocals help create beautiful harmonies. The bridge features Bea’s voice while the instrumentation dies down. Bass line picks up for the final chorus. Beautiful.

(4.) i can’t breathe 

Rhythmic and meditative slow jam.

(5.) like that

Power anthem.

(6.) buy me diamonds

Light dance rhythms.

(7.) outside

Sexy, jazzy jam. Mid-tempo. Sultry. Different flavour from Bea’s jams on her last album. A bit of a different flavour from the rest of the album. Fun.

(8.) girlfriend

Slow and low bass. Brass instruments. The chorus features light instrumentation. Creative.

(9.) bored

Light acoustic guitar jams. Tempo picks up in the chorus. Urban and fun.

(10.) warmer 

Slow ballad. Inspirational rising bass line and melodic line. Features a bit of rap. But the vocals are glorious.

(11.) repercussions 

Light and bright.
Feel-good jam. Bouncy.

Catchy chorus and bass line.

My favourite jam on this album.

(12.) S.L.U.T.

Sweet. Little. Unforgettable. Thing.
Reclaim. Rebrand.
Because feminine power.
Feminist artist. Female jams.

(13.) crash&burn (feat. O’Neil Hudson)

Sustained chords. Imitating crashing and burning. Brilliant. Mellow vibes.

(14.) to the grave (feat. Mike Stud)

Haunting intro.

Energy picks up.

Sweet chorus and vamping chords.

Stream Aurora and support this creative powerhouse.

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