2018 Grammy Awards: Music, love and creative inspiration

E91B86FA-FDDD-4D17-A528-7135A4F2B54ASixty years of music’s biggest night?
Creative freedom in all its glory.
I’m a pop music addict. I also love musical theatre.
So proud to see so many women in music nominated for their work in various categories.
Music, songs in particular, can function as vehicles for political and social statements.
Lorde, with her album Melodrama, has made so many contributions to music. She’s creative, innovative and so deserving of her nominations.
Kesha’s album Rainbow reflects creative freedom. Each of her tracks on the album are unique, and don’t conform to one specific type of sound.
As writers, songwriters and artists-as creatives-there’s so much that we can gain from listening to the music of those who strive to share something different than the norm.
Lady Gaga’s album, Joanne, also reflects personal stories, through an acoustic sound.
Cultural crossover, with Despacito, a collaboration between Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber.
And Ed Sheeran’s Divide? Love the variety been fast-paced electronic Shape of You and acoustic ballads like Supermarket Flowers, to the slow jam How Would You Feel and the uptempo Castle on the Hill.
Since the arts, including music, reflects social causes, the Grammys is a great platform to further highlight the importance of the #MeToo and #TimesUp campaigns.
Kesha’s performance of Praying, with female musicians singing backup vocals on stage with her was everything a social activism song should be.
The takeaway?

Music offers room for all types of creative statements.

Celebrate creativity.
Act on your creative impulses – whether that’s writing, songwriting, or art – for the world.
Creativity heals people.
And we can all use healing.
Congrats to all the nominees.
And thank you to all involved for your contributions to music.
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