Little Jinder – Allting Suger album review

IMG_7397Looking for some more slow and upbeat electronic dance music (edm) jams to add to your playlist?

Check out Swedish pop star Little Jinder.

Her album Allting Suger, was released in 2016.

I read recently about Swedish pop/edm songwriting techniques having a big influence in creating hit songs.

So I looked for Swedish pop and edm music.

Found her one day when I was looking for Swedish pop/dance music.

Pop and rock uses straight rhythm – a steady beat, quarter or eighth-note pulse.

In contrast with pop or rock music, edm uses swung rhythms.

Since edm is my current addiction – and has taken and continues to take over the commercial music world, here’s an album review of Little Jinder’s Allting Suger:

(1.) Super 8

Mid-to-up tempo dance jam.


As translated from Swedish to English through Google, verse 1 and 2 and the pre-chorus and chorus.

[Verse 1]

Something is crushed against metal, someone screams I hate you

It’s a bit cold in the window now but the smoke calms me

Can not sleep if I’m lucky I want to miss you

There is loneliness in the air

Nobody misses me

[Verse 2]

Gray clouds and street dust

Wishing someone screamed at me

Only steps like oak plot in the tunnel behind me

I have to go, I want to sea, I want to forget you

There is loneliness in the air

Nobody misses me


In super 8

Have I saved you?

You’re tucked away

The movie kills me



I want to rewind (super 8)

We must have a happier end

Make super-low-roll to technicolor gold

I jump to your street (super 8)

We must have a happier end

Makes super-thin

To technicolor gold

(2.) Puzzel

Percussive. Bass and drums. Space-edm pop. Sounds like sweet glory from another galaxy.

The lyrics (translated) are flowery and intense:

I enter my dream so hard

Want to turn off, let time go

My heart will never stop beating us two

My puzzle piece is always missing

I cry but you never answer

Have cried for a thousand tears.

The instrumentation seems to dominate the vocal line. The vocal melody has soaring high notes in the chorus, but Little Jinder doesn’t sound like she’s using her full voice throughout this song.

Tension torturing the listener?

Sometimes, that’s the impact songwriters look for.

Tauntingly and hauntingly beautiful.

(3.) Hångellåten (feat. Mauro Scocco)

This jam starts slow. A kick/snare beat drops a few bars into the song. The verse energy is contained. The chorus melody explodes. Tension released.

(4.) Vinglar runt (feat. Melo)

Intro opens with sustained chords. Drums kick in after. Little Jinder’s voice blends in with the instrumentation – it doesn’t seem to be as prominent as in other tracks on this album. This number is upbeat and fun edm.

(5.) Vem har cigg?

Performed in F-sharp major – or G-flat major, whatever you prefer, same thing – the melodies in this number are glorious.

Synth. With an R&B-type drum rhythm as a backdrop as the song progresses.

The chorus’ lyrics complement the instrumentation and vocal line with their vivid imagery.

I have to be late

Everything flashes glittering quickly

Do anything

Sound like trance

(6.) 2002

A flute-like sound – or maybe horns – open this song. Spiritually-uplifting.


A light acoustic drum backs the instrumentation.

The bass kicks in as the pre-chorus and chorus approaches.

The drums get heavier in the chorus and second verse.

Energy builds.

It’s a fun number.

The vocal line reaches it’s high note in the chorus and the jam becomes fast-paced.

A fun way for songwriters to play with slow and fast tempo.

(7.) Ligger med en ful (feat. Markus Krunegård)

Synth dance jam. My favourite track on the album. Breezy, beautiful beats. Portraying heartbreak.

Through the darkness, through the town

The shadows that smoke are no longer you and me

Four years ago and a breath I again on our places to see if you are left

Give me a last heart attack, give me something that feels

Do you also wonder why I think about you though

Faster, faster, harder

Nothing feels

(8.) Åskan går

Dreamy synth opens the song.

A solo bass line backs the vocal line as the pre-chorus leads to the chorus.

The dreamy synthesizer alternates with the bass line, sometimes blending together.

Breezy mid-tempo feel-good jam.


On the album’s final track, a soundscape synth bed backs up the vocal line.

Bass drum joins bass guitar, with a kick-clap rhythm backing the vocal line as the song progresses.

Seductive slow jam.

There’s Allting Suger for you.

Little Jinder also released a single earlier this year – check out Kvicksand.

So if you’re looking for some inspirational edm, stream Little Jinder.

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