Daya – New – song review

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 2.25.00 PMDon’t want new, I want you.
Have you listened to Daya’s New song yet?

The rising pop singer-songwriter delivers a heart-wrenching anthem with her latest single, New.
Ever since listening to her EP, then LP, Sit Still, Look Pretty, I’ve been in love with her sound.
Daya’s song themes include female empowerment, love and feel-good jams.
Let’s talk about New.
Synth strings open the song.
The verse tempo starts the song out a slow pace.

As the song progresses, the beat picks up.

Contrary to what the title of the song might suggest, Daya isn’t singing about celebrating a new relationship, but instead that she would rather have her past relationship, as the chorus illustrates:
I’m missing you, I’m missing you
What the hell did I do? (Did I do?)
Messing with someone new
Thinking I wanted to
Turns out I don’t want new, I want you
Don’t want new, I want you
Don’t want new, I want you.
The chorus lyrics feature a beautiful use of perfect rhyme when Daya sings, “Don’t want new, I want you.”
Simple. One-syllable words. And their impact is effective. Real, raw and racy.
The post-chorus features a mini-pop drop for a few bars, alternating with Daya singing.
The jam only leaves you wanting more from this rising pop sensation.
Stream Daya’s New song.
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