Help Me Out – Maroon 5 and Julia Michaels song review

FullSizeRender (26)When two successful songwriters collab and the result features the beauty of both of their signature styles.
Help Me Out, anyone?
Maroon 5 and Julia Michaels’ collab?
The single was released as part of Maroon 5’s upcoming album, Red Pill Blues.
Penned by Adam Levine and Julia Michaels, Help Me Out is a breezy, beautiful bop.

Sounds like Issues meets Maps?

I’m in love with both songs.
Help Me Out features sparse instrumentation, like Issues.
But it’s got the ebb and flow, like Maps.
The verse opens telling the story of a relationship that seems to have lost its spark.
I’m getting kinda over this
I need a metamorphosis
Are you as weak as me?
If not, do you wanna be?
The slant (imperfect) rhyme–over this/metamorphosis–is brilliant.

I’m a pure (perfect) rhyme addict and find inspiration in slant rhymes.

The slant rhymes provide a new way to look at words. Great writing ideas from this.
The pre-chorus also features slant rhyme.
I need some temporary saving
I need some, some uncomplicated
In doing so, it sets up the chorus.
Help me out
‘Cause I don’t wanna do this on my own
Help me out, out
Help me out
‘Cause I need something up to calm me down
Help me out, out
The chorus shares the song’s message in three simple words: Help me out. And, like the verse and chorus, features slant rhyme.
Julia Michaels showcases her higher range.
Her vocals soar over the steady instrumental theme, contrasting Adam Levine’s rich mid-range.
Help yourself out.
Stream this inspiring jam.
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