Shania Twain NOW – Album Review

IMG_9049She reinvented country music.

She created new avenues for other women in music to follow.

She continues to push the boundaries in songwriting and in doing so, inspires musicians and non-musicians alike.

Shania Twain is back.

When I hear the word crossover, I think of her.

Sweetens the rock chords with fiddles.

NOW is a whole other sound.

Lyrically, Poor Me is written really well.

The chorus sounds like something she would say.

Poor me this, poor me that
Why do I keep looking back?
Poor me this, poor me that
It’s not white, it’s not black
Grey’s the color that I see
Still can’t believe he’d leave me
To love her
Pour me another.
Tough love, compassion and wit. Similar to a couple of her past songs – C’est La Vie and Today Is Your Day come to mind.
Then there’s We Got Something They Don’t.
The steady bass reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space – that and the fact that both songs are sung in F Major.
Shania’s writing ability – particularly her narrative lyric-writing style in the verses – is beautiful. Concrete imagery. She tells a story. And her use of rhyme – I’m a big fan of perfect rhyme over imperfect rhyme – tells us something about her – not just the situation or circumstances of a relationship.
They may say we’re done
That we will never win this one
But we know differently
They don’t know you
And they don’t know me
The chorus melody uses imagery beautifully:
We got something they don’t
A fire burning deep in our bones
Smokin’ when we’re away
On fire when we get home
Here’s to hanging tough
When no one else believed in us
Cheers to staying strong
They gave up but we carried on
This song is a celebratory anthem. Love and heartache are journeys.
And throughout her album, her use of light instrumentation, including using fiddles to sweeten the sound, contrasts to her country-rock crossover sound, in a way that showcases the drama of slower-tempo songs.
Where Do You Think You’re Going portrays this drama with gorgeous guitar chords to back the vocals.
You Can’t Buy Love is a fun anthem with a rock-ish beat. Short and sweet, under three minutes.
All in all?

The story of triumph over a tragedy of love taking an unexpected turn through upbeat music and heartfelt lyrics?
NOW is beautiful, inspirational glory.

Celebrate this creative and iconic musician who changed country music.





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