Fifth Harmony – pop paradise

Have you listened to Fifth Harmony’s new album?

It’s so worth it.
I promise.
The Miami-based girl band consists of Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui.
With Camilla Cabello, former band member, who departed December, 2016, to pursue a music career as a solo artist, Fifth Harmony’s hits include Sledgehammer, Worth It and Work From Home.
Now consisting of four members, Fifth Harmony’s new album, self-titled, consists of 10 tracks.
He Like That, an upbeat track.
Messy, a dreamy soul-exposing synth mid-tempo jam. Ends with a gorgeous slow-mo pop drop.
The verse is direct. This story is all about the feels:
I’ll tell you straight how I feel with no filter
No touchin’ up what you see, there’s no filter
I can be cruel sometimes, outta my mind
Insecure and out the door
I am who I am and you won’t have to wonder
And the chorus?
Beautiful repetition.
I can be messy
I can be messy, yeah, I admit it
I can be messy
I can get crazy, yeah, I admit it
Oh, no changin’
Oh, no changin’, ayy
I can be messy
Yeah, I can be messy, yeah, I admit it.
It is what it is.
Oh, no changin.
Make You Mad is a fun track, with a light percussive pop rhythm.
The chorus rocks girl power: 
I’m gonna make you miss me
I’m gonna make you go mad
I’m gonna make sure I’m the best you ever had (No)
I’m gonna make you miss me (No)
I’m gonna make you so mad (No)
I’m gonna make sure I’m the best you ever had.
The use of anaphora (the repetition of a phrase, in this case, “I’m gonna make you”) is a great way to structure the chorus.
This song is an anthem.
Bridges, the album’s final track, feels acoustic compared to the rest of the tracks on the album.
The lyrics promote and encourage world peace and spreading love and light.
We build bridges
Oh, we build bridges
No, we won’t separate
We know love can conquer hate
So we build bridges
Bridges, not walls
Bridges, not walls
(Bridges, not walls)
Bridges is easy listening. You don’t get tired of hearing the acoustic sounds.
Fifth Harmony gives listeners variety through upbeat feel-good jams.
Party jams.
Girl power anthems.
Peace anthems.
Because life is short.
Celebrate all of it.

Stream Fifth Harmony’s latest jams.
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