Once upon a mermaid – Mermaid’s Lair Market

IMG_8366You know that moment when life feels like it’s too much?

When the daily grind consumes your find and a bit of peace is too hard to find?

Sometimes, you need to take a break to recharge.

From your creative life, too.

Creativity is tension and release.

Creativity is meant to be shared.

Creatives inspire each other.

I love getting inspiration from visual art.

Particularly when mermaids are involved.

Somewhere on the wild west coast, on South Vancouver Island, Mermaid’s Lair Market offers that escape from reality, fun and creative inspiration at the same time.

I found out about this place from a friend of a friend.

“I found this pillow at Mermaid’s Lair Market,” she told me.

“Mermaid’s Lair Market?” I asked.

Someone created a place called Mermaid’s Lair Market? I thought. I think I’m in love!

So I drove out to have a look.


A beautiful grotto for you to celebrate your inner mermaid awaits.

IMG_8375Okay, maybe a house converted into a store, on a back road, across the street from the Pacific ocean.

But there’s magic in that grotto.


IMG_8379Mermaid figurines and sea-themed candle holders line the windows.

And the store is a trove of ocean and mystic-themed gems.

Crystal necklaces. Mermaid necklaces. Octopus necklaces.

Driftwood mirrors. Mermaid pillows. Mermaid hooks. Starfish hair clips. Mermaid scale socks. Bottles decorated with seashells. Starfish décor. Candles.

Candy. Slushies for summer.

I stared at all the wonders. Picked up a few things and thought about how much I could get away with fitting in my space at home.

What about stuff to wear everyday?

Yeah. That could work.


I found some shiny things. Three crystal necklaces. Got them all tangled up pulling them off the rack and had to get help from the owner untangling them.

Found a mermaid pendant, too.

Creative dates like these? Even if it’s just you going solo?

So needed for your creative soul.



A haven.

An escape from reality.

I came back to reality refreshed.



And I bought some pieces of inspiration to take home with me.

So if you want creative inspiration?

A breath of fresh water?

An escape from reality?


Spend a morning or afternoon swimming through Mermaid’s Lair Market.



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